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Blue Mountain OHV TrailsBrowns Camp OHV AreaChristmas Valley Sand Dunes
Diamond LakeUmpqua Dunes

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Oregon is famous for its amazing natural wonders like Crater Lake, Mount Hood, and Cannon Beach. Don't hesitate to ride. All of the trails we've mentioned are great for off-road vehicles, so don't hesitate to rent or bring something other than an ATV.

1.Blue Mountain OHV Trails

Location:  Sumpter, OR 97877

Dates Open:  Year-Round

Fees:  $20/rider(entry)

This Off-road park is about 600 acres with a 120 miles of trail. Camping is only permitted in developed sites.

2.Browns Camp OHV Area

Location: Beaver Dam Road, Gales Creek, OR 97117

Dates Open: Year-Round except during fire season (riding is discouraged during rainy season - call (503) 359-7463 for trail conditions).

Fees: Free

The Oregon ATV Permit stickers is required, 4x4 & Jeeps are not recommended, there are not much available for 4x4 play.

3.Christmas Valley Sand Dunes

Location: Lost Forest Road, Christmas Valley, OR 97641

Dates Open:  Year-Round

Fees:  $15/rider; Weekend Pass - $35/person

The Oregon ATV Permit stickers is required, youth also require for wear MX helmet.

4.Diamond Lake

Location: Deer Hollow, Crescent, OR 97733

Dates Open: May 1 through November 30

Fees:  $15/rider; Weekend Pass - $35/person

The Oregon ATV Permit stickers is required, not so much limit of vehicle types but for noise, no trail blazing.

5.Umpqua Dunes

Location: 1 Umpqua Dunes Way Formerly, 242 Discovery Point Ln, Winchester Bay, OR 97467(Umpqua Dunes RV Park)

Dates Open:  Daily Year-Round

Fees: $15/rider; Weekend Pass - $35/person

The Oregon ATV Permit stickers is required, also the require for noises and whip light.

Best Off Road Driving Trails in Oregon