360 degrees without dead angle smart helmet

Smart helmets become a trend, the future penetration rate will increase significantly, making a number of technology companies have invested in intelligent helmets research and development. Which has a new brand CrossHelmet, in addition to join the wisdom of the function, the appearance of special reference astronauts and fighter pilots' helmets, to create a 360 no vision of the CrossHelmet X1 helmet.


Extreme view

CrossHelmet X1 light appearance makes people feel curious, at first glance, unlike locomotive helmets, but more like sci-fi movies in space using helmets, yes! This helmet is the reference to the astronaut's helmet, so will find the helmet lens area is very large, showing inverted triangle, the original extension of the structure of the extension, to create the best view angle. In addition, the spiral of the helmet is precisely calculated, and the bubble-type circular goggles of the fighter's flying helmet are able to maximize the horizon.

360 degrees without dead ends

In the course of the eyes will focus on the front, so the vision is only about 60 degrees, and with the faster the vision will follow the narrow. And the left and right sides of the 65 degrees for the eye to turn the visible range of Yu Guang, as the rear of the 170 degrees is the eye can not see the area, the engineer in order to make up the rear 170 degrees can not be seen in the area, in the helmet behind the device camera, And then projection to the front of the head of the display, with the original wide front view, to 360 degrees without dead ends of the effect, the knights can also use the rear view lens to fill the narrow view of the mirror, so you can increase the security.

Bluetooth voice control function

After using the Bluetooth function and mobile phone app connection, the function of the head of the monitor can be expanded to support satellite navigation, answering calls, listening to radio and music, but also before and after the chat or other knights for multi-communication, As long as the connection after the phone can be used to control all the functions of voice control, no longer need to touch the phone to switch, increase the ease of use. In addition, the helmet has built-in headphones with CrossSound controller, can adjust their own to reduce environmental noise or enhance environmental noise, reduce environmental noise can increase comfort and slow fatigue, and increase the ambient noise can help determine the road conditions. This crossHelmet X1 is expected to be listed in 2018, the price and detailed specifications to wait until after the official release to know. After connecting with the mobile app, the function of the monitor can be expanded to support satellite navigation, answering calls, listening to radio and music, and chatting with other knights or other knights.

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