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Are Heated Jackets Worth It? - Everything To Know Before Buying

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Battery-powered jackets are some of the best clothing options for keeping warm in the winter, and if you live in a relatively cold climate, you’ve likely heard people talking about these innovative clothing solutions. 

However, if heated clothing is new to you, you might wonder whether or not its unique functionality and design make it a worthwhile investment. Despite the seemingly advanced technology behind these thermal garments, we want to keep it simple and give you all the information you need to determine if one of these jackets is right for you. 

Let’s dig in! 

What Is a Heated Jacket?

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Heated jackets are battery-powered jackets that are designed for outdoor activities and cold-weather sports, such as hunting, cycling, or ATV off-roading. The difference between these and traditional jackets is that they keep your body as warm as possible, regardless of how cold it is around you. 

Though they may seem a bit complicated, their construction and design are actually quite simple. Most heated jackets use lining-integrated batteries or power banks. On the other hand, there are some chemically-heated jackets that use single-use heating packs, as well as store-heated jackets, which use hot gel packs that you have to place in the microwave before using them.

With that all said, battery-powered jackets are still one of the most efficient and sought-after heated jackets on the market, as they’re great for a wide range of sports and activities. 

Heated Jackets - Pros and Cons

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While it’s hard to find things to dislike about heated jackets, even the most unique and innovative pieces of technology have their drawbacks The same thing is true about heated jackets. 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Pros of Heated Jackets

There are by far more pros to buying heated jackets than cons. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest advantages. 

1. Super Versatile

Some lower-end heated jackets only have one heat setting, meaning you can’t dial in the amount of warmth you want based on your preferences. However, higher-end jackets allow you to make small adjustments so you can optimize your comfort level. 

Beyond that, the way in which you can use your heated jacket is also versatile. 

Because many heated jackets are made with thin, lightweight material, you can wear them as over layers without the heat when it’s not very cold out or as under layers without feeling too bulky. Our heated jackets are sleek and modern-looking, making them just as usable for a night out on the town as they are for biking on off-road trails. 

2. Long-Lasting

Many traditional jackets wear out over time, losing their warmth after years of use and wash cycles. However, heated jackets use ultra-durable materials that can stand up to high heat, such as carbon fiber or graphene. These types of materials last quite a long time, meaning the investment you make will last you for years to come. 

3. Efficient

Heated jackets offer guaranteed efficiency, unlike your traditional jackets or sweaters. If you have a normal jacket on, it’ll only stay as warm as the material offers. Once the temperature drops below that threshold, however, it may not act as efficiently. 

Heated jackets, on the other hand, can be adjusted to maintain efficiency the colder it gets. As we said before, graphene is one of the most popular heated jacket construction materials on the market, which also happens to be one of the most durable clothing materials in existence, ensuring efficiency years down the line. 

4. Waterproof Design

Heated jacket manufacturers design their jackets with waterproof materials. After all, these jackets are meant to protect users from extremely cold temperatures, which means rain and snow. Waterproof membranes are inserted into the jackets to protect the heating wires, keeping them safe and secure, even if you’re in heavy rain. 

5. Great for High Performance

When your body is cold, trying to focus on the activity you’re doing can be much more difficult. Whether you’re chopping wood or riding your bike, having a heated jacket can curb your cold and help you focus on the task at hand. 

Many people think a heavy wool or leather jacket will protect them and keep them warm in harsh temperatures. However, once temperatures drop below a certain threshold, the efficiency of these jackets drops, along with the efficiency of your work.

With an investment in a heated jacket, you never have to worry about staying warm, which allows you to focus more on your tasks. 

Cons of Heated Jackets

While there aren’t many downsides to heated jackets, we figured it wouldn’t be fair to only give you the advantages if you’re serious about buying one.

Electrical Requirements

Most heated jackets use battery-powered designs, meaning if you’re staying somewhere for long periods without electrical access, they may not be ideal. You won’t be able to use the built-in power bank until you’re able to charge it again. 

Of course, the solution to this issue would be keeping an extra power bank or two on hand, so if you’re out on a multi-day excursion, you’ll be able to continue using your jacket’s heating capabilities. 


With the durable materials and unique designs required to manufacture heated jackets, it’s no surprise that they’re more expensive, on average, compared to traditional jackets. 

The investment, however, is worth it, as they last for a very long time and offer total warmth protection, great for those who consistently have to deal with cold weather. 

Types of Heated Jackets

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Heated jackets are not a one-size-fits-all technology. In fact, there are many types of heated jackets out there. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular:

  • Soft-Shell Heated Jackets - These heated jackets are made with soft-shell outer materials, making them lightweight and great for regular days out at work or participating in sports.
  • Heated Hoodies - Heated hoodies are great for laid-back comfort, offering the traditional hoodie style with a bit of extra heat to keep you warm.

aKemimoto’s heated hoodies

  • Heated Vests - If you don’t want to throw on a full jacket yet you still want to take advantage of core warmth, a heated vest might be ideal. They’re less bulky than jackets, perfect for wearing atop a bottom layer or in place of a winter coat. 

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Final Thoughts

Here at Kemimoto, we’re big fans of heated clothing. From jackets to vests to socks and beyond, if you’re looking to stay warm this winter, a heated jacket might be just what you need! Make sure to check out our large selection of heated jackets and vests, and stay warm this winter. 


How Long Do Heated Jackets Last?

High-quality heated jackets last quite a long time. However, you may need to replace the battery every couple of years to keep it working efficiently. 

Are Heated Jackets Safe?

There are not any known risks associated with wearing heated jackets. Many people fear that having electrical clothing can be dangerous, especially in situations where water is involved However, many of the top heated jacket brands are even machine-washable, making them completely safe to wear in rain or snow. 

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Are Heated Jackets Worth It? - Everything To Know Before Buying