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Arrange Your UTV Storage Like A Mini House

Is there always not enough space in your UTV? Messy objects are scattered here and there. Sometimes you eat a piece of bread, but don't know where to storage the garbage. A lot of UTV storage bags have been installed, but nothing can be found.  If you have encounter similar situations, don't hesitate, your vehicle needs to be modified! It's very simple. All you have to do is to simulates it as a "mini house."

As the name implies, "mini house" is to regard your UTV as a small living area. Compared with most needs to be included in housing, it can be divided into three functional areas according to its function and using frequency.

UTV Storage Area Partition

Area I: Host room(front seat+instrument panel).

Area II: Meeting area (back seat)

Area III: Storeroom (trunk)

UTV storage partition

Area I: high frequency, enough space. Position: front seat dashboard. Acceptance principle: easy to access.

The principle of "easy access" is mainly aimed at drivers. The use frequency of items collected in the first area is relatively high. Such as mobile phones, toll cards, sunglasses, change and so on. The first level area should have all kinds of available space:

Gap Storage Bag

There are often gaps in the seat, and regular items such as cards, keys, coins, etc., are difficult to pick up if they fall in gaps. Placing a gap storage bag can not only effectively prevent items from falling, but also storage mobile phones, keys, cigarettes and so on.

gap storage bag-KEMIMOTO

Sun Visor Storage Bag

Parking tickets, gas cards, highway invoices... Once mixed with other items, they are easily lost. This package is the best way to sort out bills, cards and CD. In the storage grid next to the front door, you can put some regular emergency items, such as umbrellas and safety hammers. In addition, a rag can be placed to wipe the mirror and windshield in rainy days to ensure a clear line of sight.

Trash Can

Make full use of the hook in the first level area, which is placed in the middle of the co-pilot. Hang a storage bag and turn it into a trash can. Of course, it can also fix some shopping bags. The power of small hooks should never be underestimated.

Mobile Phone Stand

Mobile phone stand is popular. Mainly used for navigation and telephone answering. It can be sucked on the windshield, can also be fixed in the air conditioning outlet. The safety factor of driving is greatly improved.

Storage Net Pocket

The net surface is an elastic material, arranged between the front two seats, and convenient to disassemble. You can store bottled water or bagged food. It also has a good barrier to prevent the driver from being disturbed.

Overhead Storage Bag

You wouldn't think it would be possible to store things above your head.All you need to do is install a overhead storage bag on top of the anti-roll rack, and you can enjoy a large amount of storage space above your head. Safe and waterproof. Doesn't that sound great! What's even more exciting is that we sell the overhead luggage to make you more comfortable and convenient.

overhead storage bag-KEMIMOTO

Easy installation
Easy installation, fits tight and secure
Easy access
Outside has two bags, one has a zipper to secure, the other is the mesh pocket for easy to read the message without taking out your phone.

Don't hesitate, buy a overhead luggage to free up more space for your UTV now.

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Arrange Your UTV Storage Like A Mini House