Basic knowledge about UTV


People who like to play off-road racing are familiar to UTV. Although many people know what UTV is, Please let me to give a brief introduction to UTV.

UTV, named Utility Vehicle, also known as farmer's car

Mainly used in mines, wild, beach off-road, mountain cargo, farm operations and other scenes.

The name of the all-terrain car is the most appropriate for being applied to all kinds of venues.

UTV has a brother called ATV. ATV - All Terrain Vehicle, is also called an all-terrain vehicle. Both UTV and ATV are called all-terrain vehicles, but they are different. The first difference is steering, the UTV is steered by the steering wheel, and the ATV is steered by a tap similar to a motorcycle. The second difference is the roll-resistant frame, where the UTV comes from the factory with a roll-resistant frame, and the ATV does not.

So UTV is safer than the ATV literally. UTV is used for farm work in many areas, but for its good off-road performance, UTV has gradually become the darling of cross-country racing. In China, UTV is the main off-road race car.

Is there any cost-effective UTV for players to choose? Today, I suggests five ultra-cost-effective entry-level UTV for beginner.

Kawasaki Mule SX XC

This UTV is the smallest in the Kawasaki Mule series. Its chassis suspension system can only achieve front and rear wheel jump strokes of 75 mm. Power system, it is equipped with a 401cc single-cylinder engine, using air cooling, the power is slightly insufficient, but the torque output is not bad, running is not very bumpy wilderness enough. It currently sells for less than $9,000, and the overall price is good.

Honda Pioneer 500

The difference between the Honda Vanguard 500 and most UTVs is that it doesn't have a traditional rear-case box, only a steel stand, a bit like an ATV. Its rear steel stand can carry a weight of 202kg and has a tow capacity of 450kg. Powered by a 475cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a maximum output of 29 horsepower, it is equipped with an automatic gearbox to support dial shifting and good sport performance. It's also worth less than $9,000, or about 60,000 yuan, and you'll be able to pocket it.

Polaris Ranger 500

Polaris's UTV is very popular in China's off-road circles. The likes of the four-wheel-drive UTV group race, which accounts for about half of the North Star's riders, shows its popularity.

The NorthStar Ranger 500 was previously named Ranger EXP and was renamed the Ranger 500due to engine model changes. It is powered by a single-cylinder Pro Star engine with a maximum output of 32 horsepower and a 25 cm ground clearance. The vehicle width is 1473mm, which is only a fraction of the full size model. With a 450kg carrying capacity and 675kg tow capacity, it's already excellent as an entry-level UTV. It costs less than $9,000, as does the Honda Vanguard 500.

Yamaha Wolverine

Yamaha Wolverine's entertainment properties are pretty good and perfect for play. It features a 708cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine with dual overhead camshafts and 44 mm throttles for an impressive output torque. It is also paired with a CVT transmission, which is particularly smooth in climbing or low-speed creep.

Chassis suspension, which is equipped with KYB Shock absorbers with good front and rear suspension travel, plus 256 mm distance from vehicle and can handle a variety of situations.

Can-Am Lone Ranger Trail 800

This UTV is part of the Maverick X3 product line and features a 799cc Rotax V twin-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 51 horsepower. With its compact body and excellent chassis suspension, the Can-Am Solitary Man Trail 800 is extremely maneuverable for a wide range of driving pleasures.

Although these five models are somewhat different from the professional event-type UTVs, the ultra-high off-road performance and entry-level prices are great choices for beginners.

First play off-road, first take these hands, such as familiar with the dusty field, and then upgrade higher-order equipment can feel the speed of the professional arena.