Charming motorcycle color and judgment

Motorcycles carry a lot of men's young dreams, because riding a motorcycle this sport will always be crowned passion, freedom, cool and dangerous, and so on such keywords. Boys in the young may have been fantasy riding a motorcycle, the back seat carrying a beloved girl, rapid hurricane, brave the horizon.

Motorcycle movement is not just a man's exclusive, a lot of movies in order to highlight the women's own bravery, like the role with a cool motorcycle as a car, very eye-catching. For example, "Speed and Passion 5" in the Gale Gato, the car is a Ducati Monster, so that this beautiful sexy woman serious sense of the image is very clear.

We have a few brands to carry the sub-brand, for example, look at the color industry strategy


First introduced is Ducati. Ducati is an excellent Italian motorcycle manufacturer, founded in 1926, Ducati's brand spirit is that they are not for the needs of the market and the manufacture of motorcycles, but for the dedication and love and the manufacture of motorcycles, they love the motorcycle Sports people to provide high-performance toys.

motor seat

Red is the main color of Ducati's brand, but Ducati also has a lot of eye-catching special version

red ducati

In addition to the large area of publicity red, Ducati also have this kind of restrained classic small area using the red program.


Introduce the Italian Ducati, let's take a look at Japan's Kawasaki, Kawasaki Motor. From the thumbnail we can find that the main color of Kawasaki Motor is green. This is also commonly used for sports or young colors of color.

From the 80s of last century, Kawasaki Motor began to use this representative of the green coating, the following figure is the 1982 Z1000R, later green gradually established for the representative of Kawasaki color.

Like Ducati, Kawasaki also has a special version that is free from the green system, such as the Z1000 in 2012. It is a purple with a Japanese cultural connotation. The car is also special in the snake skin pattern of the cushion coating, and warm chrome-plated domineering exhaust pipe.


KTM is a high-performance off-road motorcycle and the king of sports cars. From the thumbnails we can see that KTM's brand color is bright orange.

KTM is very specific for the use of color, basically every series are orange main, and almost no other color of the special version.


From the color strategy of several manufacturers, they have chosen a color as the most important brand color, respectively, red, green, orange three colors, from the optical point of view, the red and green diffuse light out the light Will be longer, orange a little bit, but not bad. The longer the wavelength, the less prone to dispersion, which in the penetration of a more powerful advantage, you can also see the color in a very remote place.

Motorcycle selection of long wavelength color, a certain degree is to eye-catching, to ensure the safety of the driver, but more is the convenience of brand promotion. This is because the motorcycle as a product of expression of personality and lifestyle, color is generally very eye-catching. This way the brand image is very clear, even a speeding motorcycle, you can also make it by color to determine what it is.