Environmental protection upgrade power Undeveloped Augusta upgrade Euro four emission small facelift

For the increasingly serious global environmental damage, environmental issues are also gradually at all levels of fermentation and deep roots, in the EU's environmental norms which is the world's major follow the example of the object. MV AGUSTA also developed this year in response to the EU four regulations to develop its three-cylinder models, including the middleweight match double-F3-675 F3-675, F3-800 and headed street car Dragster 800RR, this time with readers to see this Three MV AGUSTA small facelift of the US car

In the harsh environmental regulations, MV AGUSTA can still make their cars in environmental protection both performance.

In the face of four serious challenges, MV AGUSTA engineers also launched a series of technical development, development goals only two, in line with regulatory objectives and to maintain the MV AGUSTA some of the tone, although in some values have a certain degree of Adjustment, but in the overall vehicle constitution is still achieved very good improvement results, especially in the exhaust emissions and noise significantly improved.

F3 675 / F3 800

As the MV AUSTA middleweight sports car, three-cylinder F3 car can be said to be MV AGUSTA car the most easy to get started in the sports car, F3 car is nothing more than the characteristics of the factory is equipped with a reverse racing car crankshaft, crankshaft Rotation direction and the opposite of the tire, can effectively reduce the vehicle's gyro effect and strengthen the steering performance, in the electronic control part of the MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System), the integration of a number of electronic control settings and the previous generation is no different


Appearance part of the design to maintain the previous generation, which is very understandable, after all, the difference in environmental regulations means that the performance and parts on the adjustment is much more important than the appearance of modeling, the EU four small facelift , F3 675 and F3 800 for the noise part of a significant improvement, and is small to balance the balance of the gear teeth, large to the middle of the exhaust pipe silencer changes, are effectively reduced by about 30% The body noise.

This MV AGUSTA has done a lot of improvement works for noise suppression.

It is worth mentioning that in response to this small facelift and the introduction of a new HARMONIC DAMPER this past has not been used in the F3 car damping, in the new 2017 was used, can more effectively absorb vibration and reduce noise , But also the middle of the exhaust pipe silencer to increase and reduce and absorb more noise, subversion of awareness is that the official stressed that although the increased silencer, but the unique MV AGUSTA sound will not be discounted, horsepower part It is inconvenient not to shrink because of environmental regulations, the original retention of the F3 675 128 and the F3 800 144 horsepower.

In the EU four harsh conditions, F3 800 still holds 144 performance output. Dragster 800RR

"Motorcycle Art" to the beauty of the motorcycle art for the car slogan MV AGUSTA, headed street car works Dragster 800RR, with a modern art line in the end of 2014 for the first time appeared, as if modern art as streamlined, Sometimes sharp front line with the performance of small goggles and oval-shaped headlights, bead with a single rocker with the performance is not stress but taste, in the overall body part of the body did not cling to the retro skirt or bent on Popular cliches, but pay attention to the American rugged muscles and European avant-garde modern.

MV AGUSTA Dragster 800RR.

In this change, Dragster holding the name of the RR high-performance engine output, in the face of harsh environmental laws and regulations challenges, Dragster the same for exhaust emissions and noise to do sophisticated improvements in the performance of MV AGUSTA did not let Members are disappointed, still maintain the maximum horsepower output of 140. The electronic control part uses the EAS 2.0 electronic transmission system of the F3 imitation racing system and the 8-level tracking control system, and uses the same modified new balance shaft and gear as the F3 car to reduce the noise during operation. Gas system is also used to change after the increase in the middle, the same is to reduce the noise and do sophisticated.

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