Growing up with a motorcycle is the best life...

According to Darwin's argument in the theory of biological evolution, the bisexual creatures are the admirers of the principle of survival of the fittest, while the competitor of the meat type beauty is often the last winner. This is in the woman, is the big chest buttocks rich sexy woman, in the man, naturally is the broad back muscle tough guy

motorcycle parts

But in no car era, Royal Horse men are able to body fitness, outstanding ability, of course, when riding horse man money can not be underestimated, which is the fundamental reason for the entranced prince charming women. To today, the men of the car into the car, the most intuitive display of male body language and the strength of the United States, is the locomotive!

But there are many ways everyone likes locomotives, like retro, like the friction, like the lattice, like stunt... Beside you, if there's a love of his partner, change, shift, friction explosion brigade, constantly trying to love every new thing, taste, is the best companion locomotive of your life partner, your knight locomotive! Go now, use the wheel to out of their own world. To measure your dreams.

Have you ever dreamed of crossing the mountains and rivers in the breeze, meeting the most beautiful scenery in the best years, without changing the seasons, so free and unfettered roam between heaven and earth?

However, we have for a living in the city is run around in the scene of debauchery, once young and frivolous dream was deep in my heart. And there are always some people who do not succumb to the reality of oppression, adhere to the faith with the action.

Previous letters were very slow
Traveling far away
Today's wheels are fast
A car
Say go, walk away
Riding is better than walking

In some places, once is enough. But there are places,
I've been there once, and I want to go again
No matter how far we go, we must not forget our footsteps
Not for something else, but for the scenery along the way
Those people, those things
Everywhere you go, look up at the stars in the car
Say to yourself: hard work
The sound cuts through the dark and quiet night sky
Lonely and lonely around
Because of the roar of the locomotive, it became vivid
The pause of the wheel is for our ability to measure
Glance back, flash, step on that locomotive
Waiting, searching, unknown unknown
Once ignorant, but fearless forward
Now clear, still stubborn

The music is playing loudly in CD
Humming all kinds of tunes in your mouth
Stop and go all the way
Take a look at the roadside scenery or stretch stretch
Stretch to the journey tired
This kind of singing is like singing
The only way to stop and stop is to be able to feel it in the journey
This is, of course, an exciting thing

You can enjoy the roadside scenery everywhere
If you want to stop, do not care about other people's eyes
Light the car and lean against the side of the road
If you hate the boredom of the highway
You can choose national roads or even country lanes
In the evening, accompanied by the moon
With headlights, driving on a mountain path
Listen to the roar of the engine
Looking at the two sides of the dense village, looking at the mountains and downs in the distance
Occasionally, muddy roads make cars slow and rickety
In the dark night
It's an absolute challenge for a stranger
It also has the thrill of adventure

Every knight has a surging heart
The desire to measure land with wheels
To see the scenery far away
The road extends under the wheels
Across the mountains
Across the plain
Across the river,,
Remember yourself while you are young

Life, there should be a motorcycle, riding it all over the place, you will know the big earth, meet those who are completely different from your life, things, things. These things happen on the other side of your life, you need to leave the small pattern of life will encounter. Walk away, your narrow anger and resentment will be less; walk away, your arrogance and ignorance will fade away. Growing up with a motorcycle is the best life......