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If you have such a cycles, how do you want to modify it?

In 2016 at the EICMA show, the Italian veteran motorcycle brand Fantic launched a motorcycle called the Caballero 500, respectively, two versions, off-road version and slippery version, equipped with single-cylinder 4-stroke engine, with three rows Volume, 125cc, 250cc and 500cc, and this car three models of the engine, it is by the domestic brand "Zongshen" R & D and provide.

Fantic motocycle modification

Fantic is a motorcycle manufacturer in Italy, founded in 1968 to manufacture off-road / skim motorcycle, karting and MINI motorcycle-based, 2015 also launched an electric motorcycle FatBike. In the 80s of last century, in some international motorcycle events, Fantic also made some impressive results in the Scottish six-day race has won three championships and seven victories.

The Caballero, which is supported by Zongshen, is quite competitive in configuration and has a very modern, inverted damping, Brembo calipers and high double exhausts that are visually appealing to consumers.

But Such a simple shape is not cool enough car, how would you modify it?

I'm talking about my bold conversion.

It needs a rearview mirror. I will install it for the more popular diamond-shaped rearview mirror, but I think with this rearview mirror, it becomes a horn.

rearview mirrors

Caballero 500 display is very clean, in order to maintain the field of vision, to install a screen protective film, so you can prevent dust stains.

Cluster Scratch Protection

If we ride the car to cross the road, we can install it in the back seat for a saddle bag, saddle bag can place a lot of things, which for our trip to provide a great convenience.

saddle bag for sale

In accordance with my idea to modify it, and finally, it became a monster.

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If you have such a motocycles, how do you want to modify it?