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How to Stay Warm While Riding a UTV in Winter?

UTV parked on the thick snow

UTVs are designed to handle rough terrain and can be used for recreation, hunting, farming, rescue, snow plowing, etc. They can even perform excellently in the snow with the right accessories and tires. 

So, you can enjoy riding your UTV in cold winter as long as you're well-prepared. Otherwise, you could find yourself uncomfortable with your fingers, toes, and face freezing, potentially putting yourself in danger!

But fret not! In this blog, we’ll share some practical methods like soft cab enclosures and heaters, tips and tricks to ensure you stay warm during your winter rides. And we’ll provide you with useful safety precautions to prevent potential hazards. 

So, without further ado, let's get started!

It's Important to Stay Warm When UTV Riding

Staying warm in your UTV riding during winter not only enhances comfort but also improves your alertness, energy, and focus. This allows you to ride longer and explore more challenging terrains without discomfort.

Keeping warm is not only a matter of comfort but also a matter of safety! Exposure to cold weather can cause hypothermia, frostbite, or other serious health problems. Hypothermia occurs when your body temperature drops below 95°F (35°C) and can impair your judgment, coordination, and reaction time, which could be especially dangerous when tackling challenging trails.

Frostbite happens when your skin and tissues freeze. This can result in permanent damage or even amputation.

So, How to Stay Warm While Riding a UTV in Winter?

1. Install a Soft Cab Enclosure

Kemimoto’s soft cab enclosure for staying warm in Polaris RZR UTV in winter

Cab enclosures are the first step for staying warm. Cab enclosures protect you from chilly wind and snow, as well as debris and rain when riding in winter. Instead of expensive hard cab enclosures that are difficult to mount, soft cab enclosures are more affordable and can be easier to install, often using zippers, Velcro, or snaps. 

Usually made from heavy-duty, waterproof polyester or nylon, soft cab enclosures are lighter than hard ones, which can help improve your vehicle's gas mileage. These enclosures also come with clear plastic windows that allow you to have a wider view.

When choosing a soft cab enclosure for your favorite UTV, it's crucial to ensure that the enclosure is compatible with your UTV model and can fit seamlessly with its side mirrors and front shields.

Kemimoto provides a wide range of quality soft cab enclosures that will fit your Polaris, Yamaha, Can-Am Maverick, golf carts, etc. These enclosures are easy to install and remove, fitting your vehicle seamlessly. Here we compile Kemimoto’s hot-selling  soft cab enclosures for different UTV models, quickly check them out and find the one that fits your vehicle: 

Popular Polaris RZR soft cab enclosure:

Top soft cab enclosure for your Can-Am:

Durable soft can enclosure for your Yamaha:

    Popular soft cab enclosure for Your Polaris General: Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors for General XP 4 1000

      Popular soft cab enclosure for your Honda Pioneer: Soft Upper Door Cab Enclosure Set for Honda Pioneer 1000-6

      Soft Cab Enclosure for staying warm in a golf cart: 2 Passenger Golf Cart Cover Enclosure Protector 600D for Club Car DS EZGO YAMAHA

        These Kemimoto industrial-grade PVC soft cab enclosures are durable enough to withstand punctures on rugged trails, abrasions, as well as damage from low temperatures and mildew. And, they don’t sag or stretch over time, allowing you to focus on the fun of riding.

        It’s quick and easy to install or remove Kemimoto’s soft cab enclosure in just 3 seconds. Our soft cab enclosures are designed to require no drilling process, specialized tools, or skills. 

        Notably, our soft cab enclosure features newly upgraded Kemimoto™ nylon coil zippers, making the enclosure securely fit with the side mirrors and front shields. These quality zippers interlock accurately, securing the enclosure in place for safe riding. 

        Double-polished, our enclosures provide clear, all-around visibility for venturing across terrains or hunting with a UTV in winter. You can also roll them up or remove them on warmer days.

        2. Mount a Windshield

        Kemimoto’s windshield for UTV winter riding

        Alternatively, mounting a windshield can effectively reduce chilling wind and prevent snow from blowing in your face. Windshields can also protect you from bugs, dust, and debris. They come in various shapes and sizes, made of either glass or plastic, to fit your UTV.

        3. Install Portable Heaters

        Portable heaters, powered by either a fuel source or a battery pack, can raise the temperature inside your UTV's cabin and make you feel warmer. More importantly, they can defrost your windshield and windows, ensuring a safer winter ride. However, it's critical to maintain enough ventilation in your UTV cabin. Don't run the engine or heater in an enclosed cabin without fresh air intake, as this could lead to an excessive build-up of carbon monoxide, causing loss of consciousness and even death.

        4. Equip with Heated Seats

        Heated seats can warm your seat, making you feel cozy, relaxed, and comfortable when riding a UTV in winter. They can also help to ease muscle tension and soreness. You can either install these heated seats on your existing seats or replace them with new ones.

        5. Install a Heated Steering Wheel

        A heated steering wheel can warm up your hands using an electric heating element. Heated steering wheels can help prevent hand fatigue and cramps, making you feel comfortable and confident while steering. Likewise, heated steering wheels can either be installed on your existing steering wheel or replaced with a new one.

        6. Strategically Dress for the Winter

        Wearing Kemimoto heated jacket to stay warm in winter UTV riding

        Staying warm and comfortable during winter UTV rides requires the right attire. Here are some suggestions to help you stay cozy:

        Layered Clothing: Layering your clothes is highly effective in keeping warm. Start with thermal underwear, add a fleece jacket for insulation, and then top it off with a windproof and waterproof outer layer. If you prefer to stay warm and avoid feeling bulky, consider wearing a multi-zone control heated jacket paired with thermal underwear. This combination will not only keep you warm but also elevate your comfort level.

        Gloves: Wearing gloves can prevent your hands from getting numb or frostbitten. Moreover, they enhance your grip on the vehicle's controls, ensuring better handling of your UTV.

        Socks: Wearing socks can keep your feet warm and prevent blisters. They also provide an extra layer of cushioning for your feet, reducing friction. 

        Boots: Completing your winter riding gear should be sturdy boots. These protect your feet from injuries caused by ice, rocks, and branches, and provide support for your ankles and arches. 

        Pro tips: Try not to dress too warmly. Dressing too warmly can result in your body sweating and your sweat can actually cause your body to get colder.

        Bonus Practical Tips to Stay Warm While Riding a UTV

        In addition to wearing the right clothing and upgrading your UTV's equipment, there are some things you can do before hitting the trails to ensure a warm and cozy ride. Here are some pre-ride checks and preparations you should consider:

        • Pre-ride checks and preparations. Before starting your ride, inspect the condition and performance of your side-by-side to make sure it's ready for cold weather. Additionally, you should prepare yourself by eating a hearty meal,  drinking adequate fluids, and stretching your muscles.

        • Pre-ride warm-up routine for UTV. You can warm up your UTV by letting it idle for a few minutes. Turn on the engine and let it run for a few minutes to heat the oil and the coolant. This will improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.

        • Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Avoid riding in extreme conditions like blizzards, strong winds, or freezing rain.

        • Pack extra gear and supplies. Consider bringing a blanket, a thermos of hot drinks, snacks, a first aid kit, and a fire starter. These items might come in handy in case of an emergency or breakdown.

        Once you are on the road, there are some driving techniques you can use to stay warm in cold weather:

        • Drive at a moderate speed. In case you don’t want to install a cab enclosure on your UTV, driving too fast can expose you to more wind chill and reduce your visibility. Adversely, driving too slow can make you lose body heat and tire your muscles.

        • Take advantage of the terrain. Seek shelter from the wind behind trees, buildings, or hills. Avoid open areas where the wind can blow freely.

        • Make pit stops and warming intervals. Prevent riding for too long without taking a break. Stop every hour or so to stretch your muscles, drink some hot beverages, and check your vehicle for any issues. This is crucial to maintain your body temperature and prevent hypothermia. Hypothermia results in shivering, confusion, drowsiness, slurred speech, and loss of coordination, which risk death. 

        Fear No Winter in Riding With Kemimoto!

        A UTV on the snow

        With the above preparation, equipment, and the right dressing, you can enjoy your UTV rides even during the coldest winter months. From installing a soft cab enclosure to using portable heaters and heated seats, you can transform your winter rides into a warm and cozy experience. And remember those additional professional tips that ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

        So gear up, plan well, and hit the trails without fear of the freezing temperatures. Stay warm and ride on! 

        Would you like to know more about Kemimoto’s quality UTV accessories for staying warm in winter? Check them out!

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