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What should you do when the corners are broken?

Although the trip was happy, but during the driving or to be careful to happen, a while ago that friends in the travel ride on the way unfortunate crash accident occurred, because it is less traffic in the mountain road crash accident occurred, so Injury is not serious, it can be said that the unfortunate big lucky, I heard the accident occurred because of the poor front of the line of sight, in the corner when too concerned about the car to the rear of the panic and then crashed. What happens if you encounter such a sudden situation?

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Calm down to confirm the surrounding situation

When a bicycle accident occurs, the primary task is to confirm their own personal safety, in the moment of the crash because of the shock and panic, easy to appear can not pay attention to the surrounding situation. This time do not immediately get up and panic to the fall of the motorcycle, first calm down to confirm whether there is a car or the rear to the car and other dangerous, in addition, due to the car after a lot of cars still launched a very dangerous engine, So please quickly turn off the engine to stop running.

To confirm whether the body was injured

And then quickly moved to a safe place, and then check their own body is abnormal, fractures, etc., after the accident due to a large number of adrenaline secretion, so there will be even if the fracture will not notice the phenomenon. In the event of a serious crash, it may cause severe spinal cord injury, so when you feel any discomfort when the body do not move around, stay in the safe place away from the road, calmly 119 waiting for the rescue.

Pay attention to the possibility of a second accident

When the occurrence of such accidents is the most terrible accident is two accidents, especially the scene of the accident is the corner of the corner of the road and other sections, it is possible to the rear of the car into the scene of an accident situation, this way it may form a rear The car is also involved in an accident site caused by disaster expansion. Most often heard of the second car accident accident usually occurs in the highway, it is said that the highway accident on the road crash every 4 people there is a car in the car occurred. Often even in the initial accident in the accident, but in the car accident after the call outside the call for help, or waiting outside the car when the rear came to the car ran over and died, so in order to avoid the occurrence of a second car accident, Should not be in the case of distracted attention to stay in the vicinity of the vehicle.

Let the rear to the car to know the dangerous situation

When to ensure their own security, in order to avoid the occurrence of a second car accident, we should first let the rear to know the front of the dangerous state. I am riding a motorcycle to travel when they always carry a signal bomb, because even in a dark place can also be noticed from the distance to the signal flames of bright flame and smoke, one can make the rear to the car to realize the danger ahead. In addition, the emergency situation can also take off his helmet or body jacket, and then placed in front of the accident scene on the shoulder, to cause the rear to the car's attention.

Make sure to ask for road rescue after security

To ensure the safety of the accident after the accident, please move the car to the shoulder and other safe place, if there is oil or cooling water and other leakage, please remember to deal with the aftermath. Although it has been repeated, but still have to remind again, there are many people in the crash after the reflexive action is anxious to lift the motorcycle, but such a move may cause the occurrence of a second car accident or cause the car The wounds are worsening, so keep in mind the focus of the accident, which is to give priority to "make sure yourself and others".

 From the usual should be prepared

This kind of car accident is not a sign, no one may happen, so even in the sudden case can calm and not panic to respond, usually simulated exercise "in accordance with what order of action" is very important. In addition, carry a small tool bag that can carry out simple repairs or repair tools for puncture, as well as the previously mentioned signal bombs, can also improve the sense of security when the accident occurs.

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