Review on Kemimoto RZR Fender

As we all know that ripping aroundhaving a good time in our side-by-sides.

it is a blast but it becomes a little less fun when you start to have mud dirt,another debris that's flung into the cab from your tires especially if you don't have lower doors or full doors installedon your machine so a great remedy for.

This is the fender flare kit coming from kemimoto as you can see we've got it.

Installed here on this XP for 1,000 razors are kind of known for the wheel sticking out quite a bit farther than the wheel wells themselves so it's a great remedy again just to block any mud or debris from flying into the cab now.

what's great about these is they're inexpensive and they install reallyeasily so there's made from good hard durable plastic when it comes to install they come with all the instructions to come with all the hardware that you're going to need for mounting just one thing you do want to keep in mind it.

pick yours up.

you can click on the link or head over to Kemimoto. If you have any questions just email us.