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The Initiative for Using Compliant Catalytic Exhaust Pipes

Dear Kemimoto Customers and Industry Partners,

In an era where vehicles are essential but impactful on our environment, Kemimoto remains committed to ecological responsibility. We're advocating for the use of eco-friendly exhaust products with catalytic converters and urge compliance across the industry, taking real action towards global sustainability.

**Understanding Catalytic Converters**
Catalytic converters play a key role in reducing emissions from vehicles by converting harmful gases like CO, HC, and NOx into harmless CO2, H2O, and N2. By choosing exhaust systems with these converters, you enjoy your ride while caring for the planet.

**Kemimoto's Eco Commitment**
We uphold environmental regulations at Kemimoto, ensuring all exhaust products feature efficient catalytic converters that meet strict emission standards without sacrificing performance or durability. Our ongoing R&D investments aim to enhance catalytic efficiency and minimize pollution, demonstrating our eco dedication.

**Green Call to Action for Customers**
We invite every Kemimoto patron to: 1. Opt for exhausts with catalytic converters when upgrading or replacing your system. 2. Practice green driving habits andccc maintain your vehicle regularly for optimal converter function. 3. Spread the word about your eco-friendly choices to inspire others.

**Industry Appeal**
To our fellow brands and manufacturers: 1. Produce compliant exhausts with high-performance catalytic converters adhering to international regulations. 2. Innovate to improve the environmental efficiency of catalytic technology. 3. Clearly label and promote the eco-credentials of exhaust products to encourage green consumer choices.

The Earth is our home, demanding collective protection of its skies and air. Kemimoto is eager to partner with you, using catalytic converter-equipped exhausts as a starting point for a larger commitment to sustainability. Let's embrace this initiative and pave the way for greener transportation together.

Best regards,

The Kemimoto Team

January 1, 2024


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The Initiative for Using Compliant Catalytic Exhaust Pipes