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Top10 Can-Am Maverick X3 decent accessories from Kemimoto!

The superbly performing Can-Am Maverick X3 has been a favorite of many UTV enthusiasts.

When I think back to the first time I drove the X3, the turbo came in quite early, and the turbo lag was almost imperceptible. The moment I stomped on the accelerator, the four tires would idle for a short time and then push the car off in an extremely manic manner, giving you a tremendous sense of acceleration.

While enjoying such a performance monster, I found 10 Accessories that enhance the X3's practicality and comfort, which I recommend here today.


Can-Am Maverick X3 & X3 Max Hard Roof



    • Ship from California. X3 roof will be compatible with 2017 Can-Am Maverick X3, 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3, 2019 Can-Am Maverick X3, 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 all 2 Seat models, 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 all 2 Seat models.
    • Superior design just like x3 maverick roof original part # 715002902. Designed for 2 door models only.



  • Ship from California, USA. Hard Roof for 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 Max (4 Doors), replace OEM part # 715003750
  • Superior design just like original part # 715003750. Designed for 4 door models only.


X3 Front Lower Door Panel & Maverick X3 Max 4Pcs Lower Doors Panels


  • Package comes with one pair front lower door inserts and one center seat storage bag for your Can-am Maverick X3
  • Fits 2017 2018 2019 Can Am Maverick X3
  • Black rubber to seal the edges and reduce the noise while close the door, and it can also protect your leg from getting injured.
  • Black Powder coated matches the stock look. And keeping everyone dry when run through water or mud.
  • The center seat storage bag will be installed between the driver and passenger seats near your shoulder.




  • Ship from California. Plastic door panels with OEM style Metal frame for your 4 seat Can-Am Max, directly bolt-on with existing holes.
  • Fits 2017 2018 2019 Can-Am Maverick X3 Max (4-door) (all models).
  • Black rubber to seal the edges and reduce the noise while closing the door, and it can also protect your leg from getting injured.
  • Black Powder-coated matches the stock look. And keeping everyone dry when running through water or mud.
  • No cutting or bending, sealed nicely, directly attach to factory mount.


UTV 1.65"-2" Adjustable Rear View Center Mirror


This is a UTV universal center mirror that fits the 1.65''-2'' rails and is an upgrade to the FTVMI008. The original UTV was not equipped with a mirror, and for safety reasons, the vast majority of drivers will consider purchasing a suitable mirror. Our upgraded mirror, with a toothed clamp design and slotted bracket adjustment area, provides a more secure installation than mirrors on the market, providing consumers with a stable and clear image and greatly improved safety.


Can-Am Maverick X3 Rear View Side Mirrors



Break-away: Fold back when you park and break away while hitting branches to avoid damage. If it is too tight to fold back, you may need to loosen the bolt a little bit, see picture 2.
Adjustable: You can also adjust the glass, if the glass rebound, you can remove the rear cover from the mirror and then loosen the bolt a little bit, see the video.
Easy Installation: just like the OEM design of Can-Am X3 Mirrors, mount in the stock holes and include all hardware to complete installation, bolt holes align perfectly with the factory hole.
Made of a high-impact PP shell, glass lens and durable ABS clamps, the whole set of mirrors for Can-Am is wear and corrosion resistant, great for all weather conditions. Wide and tall viewing range and image stabilization in harsh terrain.
❗ X3 racing mirrors will compatible with 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 and X3 Max all Models, such as X RS/ DS / MR/ Turbo/ R. Check: B0895JV7RH to get the updated one. ASIN: B088LTBZFR for the rearview mirror.


Can-Am Maverick X3 Storage Cargo Bag


This is an X3 middle bag developed and designed by Kemimoto. The appearance of the black carbon fiber pattern, and EVA hardened shell makes it fashionable. In addition to providing extra storage space for the X3, the bag can also be used as a handbag after disassembly, making it easy to carry.


    Can-Am Maverick X3 Heavy Duty Scratch Resistant Full Windshield



    • Scratch Resistant X3 Full Windshield fits 2 seat and 4 seat can am maverick X3 Models, such as 2018+ Can-Am Maverick X3 900, 2017+ Can-Am Maverick X3 /Max/ Turbo/R, 2018+ Can-Am Maverick X3 X Turbo/ R, 2017+ Can-Am Maverick X3 XDS/ XRS. NOT WORK WITH INTRUSION BAR.
    • Easy to install with quick-release windshield clamps, simply hook or unhook the rubber straps without scratching your roll cage.
    • Full windshield for Can-Am Maverick X3 can keep you and your passenger safe and prevent sticks and other flying debris while out on the trail.
    • Clearly Tough's high-quality PMMA is guaranteed against cracking, crazing, or yellowing.
    • KEMIMOTO X3 windshields are hard coated on both sides for extreme durability, and compatible with the stock roof.



    Can-Am X3 Navigation Storage Box and Holder


    • Adjustable platform panel, work as GPS / phone/ iPad mount, can be adjusted between dimensions of 5.1” (13 cm) and 10" (25,4 cm).
    • Soft rubber pad to seal the gap at the bottom and pads for iPad mount to prevent from scratching your device.
    • Integrated Storage box allows you to have extra room to store your phone, gloves, glasses, mask, wallet, etc,


    2017-2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 and X3 Max Black Door Latch Door Handle


    This product is suitable for Maverick X3 door handles, by mounting on the door switches, you can easily open and close the doors, the metal material used to ensure the durability of opening and closing the doors, CNC metal cutting process effect makes it simple and beautiful.


    Noise Reduction Kit For Maverick X3



    This is a product designed to reduce intake noise for the Maverick X3. This noise reduction kit will reduce the noise from the air intake so that you can be in a relatively quiet environment and improve the comfort of your vehicle.



    Can-Am Maverick X3 & X3 Max Cover 


    • This waterproof UTV Storage Cover has two Reflective Strips on both sides, it can help others perceive objects in poor light conditions when illuminated by a light source, and protect your UTV from scratches as people walk by the area where it sits.
    • Adjustable elastic cord at the bottom allows it to adjust easily to the size of the UTV and holds it securely without worries - the wind sucking it off.
    • Four ring holes on each side, you can tie the cover to the four wheels and keep it in place when the wind blows.
    • We also include a storage bag so you can store your cover when your UTV is in frequent use. Then put the cover back on for times when you will have your UTV parked for lengthy periods.
    • KEEP YOUR UTV CLEAN from all the snow, dust, sap, bugs, and more. Nothing is more frustrating than having to clean your machine every time you use it. With this cover, your UTV will always be pristine. Simply remove the cover, jump on, and go!



    • Upgraded UTV large cover designed for 4 passenger vehicle, which is 165" x 63" x 63" (420*160*160cm) included storage bag and universial compatible with can am maverick X3/ Max/ DS/ RS/ Turbo/ R.
    • Lightweight 210D PU coating material cover makes it very convenient for you to carry and occupy little space without any burden while you go out.
    • Adjustable elastic cord at the bottom allows it to adjust the size easily. Four ring holes on each corner of the UTV storage cover help you to tie the cover to four wheels by using ropes, which can be firmly wrapped and won't fly off during windy days.
    • Waterproof UTV storage cover has two reflective strips on both sides to help others perceive UTV in poor light conditions when illuminated by a light source, and protect your UTV from scratches as people walk by the area where it sits.
    • Keep your UTV clean from all the rain, snow, dust, leaves, debris, and harmful UV rays. Nothing is more uncomfortable than having to clean your machine every time you use it. Just come on guys!

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    Top10 Can-Am Maverick X3 decent accessories from Kemimoto!