Heavy machine forward Yamaha T-MAX530 "sheep king" Xu Li

T-MAX, YAMAHA for the sixth generation of the T-MAX 530 launched three models, respectively, into the long-distance cruise elements DX Deluxe Edition, sports SX version and the standard version.

Yamaha T-MAX530

Compared to the previous generation equipped with inverted fork fork T-MAX 530, the new DX and SX in all aspects have been upgraded, focusing on more electronic equipment, such as S and T horsepower mode selection, electronic throttle, switchable navigation system , The new design of aluminum alloy frame, a new look and lighter weight and so on. Even if the engine of the new car is the same as the previous generation, but as the factory said, throttle response and bending performance than the previous generation of agile.

Has a long-distance cruise elements of the DX version, is reflected in the market in recent years have a luxury equipment with the ardent demand. So what version of DX version of long-distance cruise elements? Including the electric adjustment windshield, the heating drum, the heating cushion and the constant speed cruise without the oil, etc., and the SX sports version of the windshield can only manually adjust the level, the drum and the cushion without heating function, and no fixed speed Cruise, etc. But the two versions have selected S and T horsepower mode and switchable tracking system.

Electronic equipment is the new T-MAX main, (left) LCD screen shows the strongest acceleration of the S MODE, start to the end of the acceleration force at one go. (Right) T MODE horsepower output is limited, the horsepower after the start quickly suppressed, suitable for wetland driving or to apply for new cars to use the new card. In the middle of driving can be converted at any time.

Of course, so far there is no one can make all the knights like the vehicle, but to create a double-row row of sheep running T-MAX, its popularity has increased, naturally have her charm. The successful formula of YAMAHA T-MAX is to use a unique mechanical structure, so that the knight can enjoy a good bend, high horsepower and easy to drive the fun, become a real "fly" run sheep, which is unprecedented in the sheep car Sports performance. In addition, the sports car shape has become the main T-MAX hot. In the past 16 years, T-MAX in addition to stable status, and the successful creation of business card effect.

According to the factory to provide information, the new YAMAHA T-MAX 530 in the 0-200m acceleration range, compared with the previous generation of half to three and a half parking spaces. When driving, will feel the new T-MAX throttle response than the previous generation a little more agile.

The appearance of the new frame is similar to that of the old frame, but the geometric angle is reset and the entire chassis is lighter than the previous generation by 30%.

Although the T-MAX in the same level of a market alone show, but the factory for the protection of a brother status, has repeatedly improved T-MAX sports performance, such as the 2008 version from the traditional steel frame to upgrade to the sports car-type aluminum Frame, so that the vehicle's bending and straight road performance significantly improved. 2012 version increased from 499cc to 530cc, significantly enhance the acceleration performance, but many high-demand owners are at the expense of their own modified inverted fork, in order to make horsepower and bend to the performance of synchronous upgrade. The factory so made a corresponding change, so for the 2015 version to join the inverted fork, so that the original T-MAX bend performance again.

The new 2017 T-MAX 530 DX and SX in addition to electronic, the more lightweight chassis is also conducive to flexible steering, with more lightweight transmission components, fast operation of the YCC-T electronic throttle and improved into the exhaust system , So that steering and throttle response than the previous generation T-MAX good. The factory to enhance the practicality of the T-MAX 530, the use of new sub-frame, so that the seat under the storage space increased, can be placed at the same time two helmet or a whole helmet and some debris.