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3 Kinds Of Rear View Mirrors

Have you ever prepared a pair of RZR side mirrors for your UTV? What are the categories of rearview mirrors? For now, by the mounting position, rear view mirrors for UTV can be divided into three categories:  

1. Side mirror: the side rear view mirror is used to observe the driving situation behind.

2. Interior rearview mirror: the interior rear view mirror is more convenient for the driver to observe the rear inner part of vehicle.

3. Small rearview mirror: it is used to observe whether there are small animals or other obstacles at the bottom of the rear wheel to damage the vehicle.

The use is different and the mirror structure will be different. One is a flat mirror. As the name suggests, the mirror surface is flat. The terminology is “the radius of curvature R is infinite”. This is the same as the general household mirror. This type of mirror is often used as an interior rearview mirror. The other is a convex mirror with a spherical surface and a radius of curvature of different sizes. Its image is smaller than the visual field, but the field of view is larger. It is like the role of a camera "wide-angle lens". This convex mirror is often used as a side mirror or a small rear view mirror.

Cars and other light passenger cars are typically equipped with side mirrors and interior rearview mirrors, while large commercial vehicles (buses and large trucks) are typically equipped with side rearview mirrors, and interior rearview mirrors.

How To Use Rear View Mirrors

Start the vehicle, first look at your RZR side mirror, then turn on the left turn light, then drive to the road. Don't be panic when backing up. Many accidents are due to hurry or encounter narrow or unclear rear situation. Reverse if not grasp the distance, then park neutral pull handbrake, again go down to observe, and then little by little adjust the body, although this is troublesome, but it can form a good sense of UTV distance. Distance sense is very important. Once the sense of distance is formed, it acts like a muscle memory. No matter what kind of parking space we encounter, we can reverse the UTV into it at once.

Anyway, when driving on the road, we must have strong safety awareness , because the trail can be very dangerous. So when driving must pay attention, make good use of the rear view mirror to observe the traffic situation, put safety in the first place.

Polaris RZR Side Mirror Recommendation

Easy To Install 

Round Bar Clamp included, it becomes very easy to install with OEM style bracket to mount to your roll bar. Includes all necessary hardware for installation

Wide Viewing Range

Convex Mirror for wide viewing range and image stabilization. Curved & extra Large mirror face to see everything behind you. This RZR rear view mirror is designed and tested to provide the highest degree of performance and usability - under extreme conditions - for demander users.

Sleek and Stylish Design

Mirror dimensions are 4 X 10 inch will look great on all UTV's and big enough for the maximum view, as showed in figure. If you nee more accurate angle of view up and down, loose screw to adjust the gear of the RZR rearview mirrors.

Universal Fit 

UTV/SXS rear view or side-view mirror

Today get your own  UTV side mirror

rearview mirror-KEMIMOTO

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3 Kinds Of Rear View Mirrors