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Whether you're looking for added protection, improved aerodynamics, or a sleek aesthetic, our slingshot windshields offer a variety of options to suit your needs. Browse now and find the perfect windshield to elevate your slingshot adventures. Read more
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Yes, the windshield provides protection from road gravel. It acts as a barrier between the driver and any flying debris. It is designed to withstand impact and reduce the risk of injury.

No, Kemimoto Polaris Slingshot windshield does not interfere with the line of sight. It is made of safety material that is transparent and provides a clear view of the road ahead.

The Slingshot windshield is made of hard coating constructed of superior PC(polycarbonate) material, keeping you safe from road gravel without sacrificing looks.

Yes, Kemimoto Polaris Slingshot windshield is easy to install. We will send all necessary hardware and instructions for installation, without the need for drilling or any additional tools. This makes the installation process extremely easy.

Slingshot Windshield