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10 Best Accessories For Can-Am Commander!

Two men riding Can-Am Commander

Your Can-Am Commander is a durable and versatile side-by-side that can tackle any trail, work like a horse, and hunt like a predator. At Kemimoto, we know how much pride you take in your machine. That is why we offer only the best accessories to trick out your Can-Am Commander. 

Make it your Commander perform better than the competition with easy upgrades you can do at home. These are our ten best accessories for Can-Am Commander models that will change the way you use your UTV.

10 Best Accessories For Can-Am Commander

Without any further ado, let’s take a close look at the 10 best accessories for Can-Am Commander now!

1. Can-Am Commander Rear View Mirror

Kemimoto Can-Am Commander Anti-slip Rear View Mirror

You can add the safety of a rearview mirror to your Can-Am Commander. Our mirror kit includes everything you need to install in minutes. This isn’t one of those cheap, reflective plastic mirrors that distort the image, and it isn’t a mirror meant for street vehicles, either. This mirror works with your Can-Am to provide years and years of trouble-free service.

The all-glass 15-inch mirror curves to eliminate blind spots. It has an antivibration backing, this Can-Am rear-view mirror is the perfect accessory add-on. The slim profile doesn’t block your view, either, so you won’t miss anything coming at you.

The pre-drilled aluminum brackets allow flexible installation on any roll bar measuring 1.65” up to 2”. Our dual bracket design gives a rattle-free installation that holds steady even on the roughest terrain. 

Aluminum brackets will outlast the plastic ones the other guys use. You’ll never have to worry about rust or corrosion. We include an all-new low-profile mount to install this rearview mirror.

2. Can-Am Commander Gun Rack

Kemimoto Can-am Commander gun rack for hunting and toting around shovels, a weed wacker, skis, etc.

“Oh, I don’t need a gun rack, I’m not a hunter.” Well, we call this a gun rack here at Kemimoto, but this ultra sturdy, nearly indestructible rack system works just as well for toting around shovels, a weed wacker, skis, or whatever weapon you need to attack the task at hand.

The gun rack uses ultra-strong steel brackets that won’t bend, crack, or fatigue, even in the coldest weather. The specialized mounts attach the rack to any round tube measuring 1.75” to 2”, making this perfect for your Can-Am Commander.

Steel brackets feature an oversize rubber cradle to cut scuffs and scratches on your stock. You won’t worry about losing your gear on a rough stretch of trail. Adjustable rubber straps and vibration stops provide a secure mount.

This Can-Am Commander gun rack installs in minutes with basic hand tools and lasts a lifetime. You’ll constantly find ways to use this rack even if you’ve never picked up a shotgun in your life.

3. Can-Am Commander Windshield Wiper Kit

Kemimoto Can-Am Commander Durable Windshield Wiper Kit

The windshield wiper kit is a simple DIY accessory that adds safety and convenience to just about any side-by-side, including your Can-Am Commander. A hand-operated windshield wiper gives you the convenience of quickly wiping away mud, grass, slop, and of course, raindrops to keep your windshield clear.

It couldn’t be more simple to add this level of convenience, and we’ve included everything you’ll need. You’ll find yourself wiping down the windshield all the time and thinking about what a great decision it was to add this Can-Am Commander windshield wiper kit.

4. Can-Am Commander LED Light Bar

Kemimoto Can-Am Commander Quality LED Light Bar

Shred the darkness with this impressive LED light bar. The LED light bar produces 2,100 lumens and draws just 26 watts. It combines spotlights and floodlights to provide impressive lighting.

Adjustable brackets provide a full 180 degrees of adjustment. A built-in heat sink prevents overheating and ensures long service life. This Can-am Commander LED light bar even carries an impressive IP-67 rating. That means it is impervious to dust and can withstand direct blasts of water. Try that with an inferior light bar and see what happens.

5. Can-Am Commander Fender Flare

Kemimoto Can-Am Commander quality fender flare prevents water, rocks, and mud

It takes exactly one time of coming around a corner and having a rock shoot out from the tire and hit you to realize the importance of heavy-duty fender flares for your Can-Am Commander. We make our fender flares from dense polypropylene material. It is flexible, resists UV damage, and won’t dry out or crack, even in brutal heat and abysmal cold.

You get everything necessary to replace the factory fender flares, including new hardware. The special design prevents water, mud, and rocks from splashing into the cabin and helps eliminate rock damage.

6. Can-Am Commander Covers

Prevent your Can-Am Commander UTV with Kemimoto Can-Am Commander Covers

Your side-by-side was a big investment, so it only makes sense that you would take care of it. One of the best things you can do to protect your Commander is to keep it covered when it isn’t in use. Even UTVs stored indoors will suffer from dust that settles out of the air, and if your Can-Am is outside, it is going to get pummeled by wind, rain, sun, and dirt. Our dust-proof UTV covers are a perfect fit for the Commander and will ensure your UTV is ready to go when you are.

We use a special high-tensile 210D Oxford cloth treated with a special polyurethane coating. It's waterproof, dustproof, and UV resistant. Tie-downs ensure that the cover installs fast and won’t come off even when the wind is howling. We even took the time to add a reflective stripe to prevent accidents. Don’t let the other guys fool you, this is the best cover you can get.

7. Can-Am Commander Bed Rack

Kemimoto Can-Am Commander Bed Rack to ensure your load is secure

Solve the problem of gear bouncing out of the bed of your Can-Am Commander with this high-quality bed cargo net from Kemimoto. It features extra-wide 50mm webbing that incorporates ripstop fabric and Box X stitching. Dual perimeter grommets of the bed cargo net ensure that you can tie down any awkward load and keep it secure.

The cargo net is easy to install and remove. It is more secure than ropes or bungee cords and is durable.

8. Can-Am Commander Cup Holder

Kemimoto Cup Holder for Can-Am Commander

Are you tired of trying to find your water bottle that is rolling around on the floor while you ride? You need a cup holder, but not just any cup holder will work for your machine. 

An improved Can-Am Commander cup holder to ensure rattle-free clamping to your UTV. The cup holder’s adjustable solid rubber base prevents your drink from going AWOL when you are beating down a trail.

9. Can-Am Commander Roll Bar Interior Light

Kemimoto Roll Bar Interior Light perfect for lighting your Can-am Commander

We figured out a way to build a fully-functional light perfect for illuminating the interior of your Can-Am Commander without having to run any wires. The secret is the low-energy draw LED lights that draw from a rechargeable USB-enabled battery pack. 

The light has two modes, spotlight, and flood, and it works perfectly for lighting up your rig right where you need it. The light includes a buckle strap for a secure installation and a magnetic base that makes this light portable for even more functionality.

10. Can-Am Commander Flag Mount/Whip Light Mount

Installing Kemimoto Can-Am Commander Whip Light Mount

Adding a whip to your Can-Am Commander is a requirement at many parks and it makes good sense to have one. Our whip mount offers flexible options for mounting just about anywhere on your ride and the brand-new design is durable. 

We replaced the bolt-and-lock system with a multi-pin system that uses a single center bolt. This makes removing the whip a fast and easy process and ensures that it won’t fatigue over time which can cause lesser mounts to fail.


The ten best accessories on this page add functionality, safety, and utility to your already capable Can-Am Commander. You can count on Kemimoto to bring you the finest quality parts possible. We won’t sell you something we wouldn’t use, and you shouldn’t buy parts and accessories from companies that won’t say the same thing.

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10 Best Accessories For Can-Am Commander!