Planning a motorcycle tour or a short ride around town? Keep your essentials stored safely with our range of motorcycle luggage. We offer universal soft bags, racks and hard cases that provide ample storage and stress-free installation. Complete your touring luggage investment with our straps and nets to secure your gear and large items during long rides. With our motorcycle luggage solutions, enjoy a worry-free journey! Read more
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Bolsa de transporte de mascotas para motocicleta apta para Harley
$179.99 Precio de oferta Precio habitual $209.99
Bolsas para sillín de motocicleta
$32.99 Precio de oferta Precio habitual $54.99
Juego de bolsa organizadora de forro de maletero trasero de oferta para maletero Harley Tri Glide
Tour Pack Organizador Soft Liner Bolsa de equipaje apta para Harley
$69.99 Precio de oferta Precio habitual $79.99
Inserto de bolsas de sillín duro apto para Harley
$62.99 Precio de oferta Precio habitual $69.99
Bolsa de sillín de brazo oscilante para Harley lado izquierdo
$34.99 Precio de oferta Precio habitual $39.99
Bolsa para manillar de motocicleta Kemimoto
$29.99 Precio de oferta Precio habitual $39.99
Bolsas de sillín con tachuelas de doble correa de cuero sintético 30L aptas para Harley
Mochila de viaje para motocicleta de 30 l apta para Sportster Softail Dyna Touring 1984-2022

Learn more about Motorcycle Luggages

Motorcycle panniers are generally hard box containers with lids, made of metal or hard plastic. The panniers may be permanently fixed to the motorcycle or may be removable. Soft cases may be leather or fabric, usually without permanent mountings, and are often called saddlebags or 'throwovers'.

A quality saddlebag will allow you to maintain the style that you have developed for your motorcycle. If you've yet to attach Kemimoto saddlebags to your motorcycle, you're missing out on a variety of benefits. Attach saddlebags to your bike to get the best experience from your motorcycle.

It's recommended to place heavy items low in the front of the saddlebags to keep their weight near the middle of the bike. Packing them high or too far rearward can affect handling. For convenience, keep frequently used items like water, a rainsuit, or heated gear on top, while tools and tire repair kits should go at the bottom for stability and safety.

Make sure it's a motorcycle backpack: Motorcycle backpacks differ from everyday backpacks. They are designed to distribute weight evenly with additional straps, reduce drag while riding, stick securely to the body to reduce injury potential and typically come with additional padding.

Panniers and Saddle Bags
. They are attached to the sides of the bike behind the rider and are generally the largest carrying containers available. Saddlebags usually require straps to secure them to the rear seat of the bike, whereas panniers mount onto the frame of the motorcycle.