12V Electric Windshield Wiper Kit 16" For most UTV, Fits Polaris RZR, Ranger, Can-Am,etc


SKU: B1201-00901

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Feature: Features about 90-degree sweep and can be wired together in tandem by using an external switch if you want a dual wiper system.
Size: 16" Rubber Blade and 18" from the center for the handle to the end of the UTV windshield wiper. Please check the size to make sure that the UTV electric windshield wiper kit won't be too long for your windshield.
Installation positions: 12V windshield wiper motor can be mounted to the header panel above the windshield and also be installed at the left corn of the windshield. The installation video has been uploaded on the page if you have any inquiries about installing.
Package: includes One windshield wiper motor, one blade, one windshield wiper arm, and hardware. If you have any inquires about an electric windshield wiper kit for UTV, Do not hesitate to contact us.

How to install this UTV windshield wiper kit?

Step 1

First, check the wiper size and motor, find the suitable place that you would like to install, then drill a hole.

Step 2

Install the motor to the windshield and assembly the wiper kit.

Step 3

Finally, connect the wiper to the battery, test it and adjust it to get the correct sweep angle before you tighten the bolts.