ATV Rear Cargo Rack Bag


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SKU: B0113-03401

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Dimension:85.00 * 40.00 * 22.00cm

Features of our new design ATV Rack Bag:
WaterproofThe ATV back bag is made of 600D Waterproof Fabric with SBS waterproof hidden zipper

Convenient for drinkingAdd two water cup bags on the left and right sides.

SaferAdd a drawstring strap on the left and right sides, so the passager can catch it and feel steady and safe.

Easy to move Add two hand buckles on the left and right sides.

More sturdyAdd two fixed brackets inside.


Installation Steps:

Material: 600D Waterproof Fabric
Color: Black
Package including: 1 * ATV Rear Bag

Customer Service:
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