Can Am Maverick X3 Wraps Graphics 2016-2022


Your UTV ride shouldn't just be covered in sand and dirt, it should be sparkling like a diamond. Maverick x3 takes the cake, and we're looking for more ideas for the graphic kit. But we all know the journey doesn't stop there. You are the one who really knows what your buggy would be like. So, we're collecting all your ideas and mind pieces. Any pieces of your inspired thoughts will be taken into consideration. We expect to launch this big project in late June, the prices shown on this page will not be final one. Read more

SKU: B0119-00001WP

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UTV Wraps
Kemimoto is a company dedicated to offering UTV accessories to all off-road enthusiasts and what we are doing is to become the leading brand of UTV accessories. We know the X3 is cool enough, but who doesn't want their toy to be even more unique? In order to satisfy your need, and now we have started to develop new products of UTV graphics to make you look special. 

First-rate Technology

We do the job from our customers' view of point, and we only take the best technology to ensure our customers can have a better experience, we have been digging out what our customers want for years. We own outstanding technology in the industry, the graphics combined with our expertise and powerful equipment. With constantly developing kits and our unique customized your own design for each Side by Side, there are more than enough choices to choose from.


Good Quality

We know our customers, and in the meanwhile, we also have top-notch technology with the highest quality vinyl material in the industry. It is a very strong and durable plastic material. Even on muddy roads or rough bushes, we are designed for it. Vinyl is a very environment-friendly material, longer life for better quality UTV wraps and graphic kit for you. Excellent talent reserve and professional knowledge constantly upgrade and transform our products so that users can complete the journey of dreams.


Customize Your Own Design

UTV riding is not only to work well; we also want you to look well. The UTV wraps can protect the buggy surface from harm but make you look fabulous. We have designed can am X3 wraps, but this is not the end. If you happen to be a UTV enthusiast with a fresh idea of your own. Or if you have suggestions or the other can am x3 wrap ideas about the colors, streaks, materials, etc. you prefer, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.