Cooler Mounting Brackets Compatible with RTIC 20 Cooler For Polaris RZR/XP/Turbo


SKU: B0111-05301BK

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Package: One pair cooler mounting bracket, also called the cooler carrier, cooler holder, or icebox holder.


Color: Black




Polaris RZR/ XP/ Turbo ( DO NOT WORK WITH RZR Turbo S)


Work with RTIC 20 Quart Cooler.




1. Open the cooler lid, hook up the cooler with our RZR cooler carrier, close the cooler. (There is a gap for the carrier to hold up and won't interfere with your cooler function.)

2. Use a tie-down anchor to tie down the carrier to the back of your RZR on each side. (Tie down anchor is not included)