UTV 1.65"-2" Round Tube Adjustable Rear View Mirror & UTV 1.75"-2" Round Tube Adjustable Side Mirror

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UTV 1.75"-2" Round Tube Adjustable Side Mirror


You won't want to miss our new design - side mirrors with more adjustable angle to meet all your needs, while maintain break-away, shatter-proof temperated glass features that other mirrors have.

Break Away Feature: Aluminum RZR Side Mirror will fold in when it hits the tress or obstacle, reducing the risk of smash. 180°adjustable Joint, easy to fold in when park.

Unique 30°Adjustable Mirror Angle: UTV side mirrors look like the ears of your SXS, you can lose the bolt and lift its ears up or down.

Shatterproof temperated glasses: UTV mirrors won't break into sharp pieces and hurt your fingers.Driver Friendly: UTV side view mirrors are 360°rotatable. The driver can adjust it according to his height to reflect the rearview.


UTV 1.65"-2" Round Tube Adjustable Rear View Mirror


We have designed five holes in the aluminum alloy bracket which allow you to keep the utv mirror horizontal at all times. The aluminum alloy brackets provide a steady mounting and 3 adjustment methods for the utv rearview mirror, which can be adjusted to the best angle of backside viewing. Please check the size of your roll bar. DOES NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 1.5" roll cages and Polaris Ranger.

HEAVY-DUTY ALUMINUM ALLOY HOUSING: 4mm aluminum alloy housing with weather-sealed caps. kemimoto utv mirror with thickened aluminum alloy housing can greatly reduce the risk of being cracked by your helmet. The anti-shock pad can absorb the shock, better protect your mirror.

NEW VERSION LOW PROFILE CLAMPS: The low-profile clamps were designed to accept as many roofs as possible while retaining a secure fit. Our new version clamp has a toothed design which allows it holds the roll bar tightly, better prevent wind and shock when driving in rough roads or racing.

ELIMINATE BLIND SPOTS: 15" length of utv center mirror, provides a super-wide field of vision for you to easily prevent blind spots and some traffic accidents, which can improve your safety greatly.

UNIVERSAL MIRROR FOR UTV: The butterfly clasp design makes it easier to disassemble and install. The mounting brackets adjust from 1.65" to 2" which can be simply tightened to most roll bars for almost all UTV"s with 1.65" - 2" diameter round tube roll cages.

SHATTER RESISTANT GLASS: The back of our rzr mirror have an explosion-proof membrane, which prevents the broken glass from hurting people.

HIGH-DEFINITION MIRROR: Real glass lens of the High-Definition UTV Mirror, give you non-distorted and ultra-clear images.2mm

THICK HOLDER: The housing of the glass lens is tight enough to prevent from wind and shocks when driving in rough roads, anti-scratch and shatter-proof.