Polaris Ranger & Can-Am X3 Side View Mirrors with Lock and Ride Cab System/Heavy Duty Large Size


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Side Rear View Mirrors: specially designed for Polaris Units with LOCK N' RIDE Cab System


If you find that the mirror is looking at the ground or sky, then you will uninstall it and adjust the angle.
Step 1. find the bolt at the bottom, remove it.
Step 2. Take off the upper part, you can see the gear design.
Step 3. Adjust the angle and align the gear
Step 4. Tighten the bolt and install them into your vehicle.

High Impact ABS housing, adjustable ball socket joint for maximum adjustment, along with a "breakaway" feature and shatter-proof tempered glass.


Black in color with OEM Style.
Shatter-resistant ABS plastic.
Large viewing area, 4" x 10"
Slight convex curve to see all behind you.
Break-a-way feature folds in to avoid breakage or storage.
Mirrors move on a spring-tensioned socket for full range adjustment.
Mounts on units w/ many styles of windshield and top.