UTV/ATV Turn Signal Kit


SKU: B0401-00901BK

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  • COMPATIBLE WITH Pioneer 1000
  • COMPATIBLE WITH Pioneer 1000-5 / Pioneer 500
  • COMPATIBLE WITH Pioneer 700-4 /Pioneer 700
  • COMPATIBLE WITH Talon 1000R /1000X / 1000X-4
  • COMPATIBLE WITH Can-Am Commander 1000 / 800 / Max
  • COMPATIBLE WITH Polaris RZR Trail 900 / S 900 / S 1000


1 Turn signal toggle switch
2 Front Amber LED turn signal lights
2 Rear Amber LED turn signal lights
1 black horn / horn button Colorful wiring harness

Easy operating: 

You can choose to mount it horizontally or vertically, causing the signal light to be controlled by moving left or right or up and down.

Automatic switch

As long as you hold the switch the horn honks but the minute you let go stops.

Advantages of safety relays

1. Keep the voltage and current at both ends of the horn stable. 2. Avoid direct contact between the 12V horn and the power supply, so as not to affect other electrical appliances on the vehicle. 3. Make the power of the wire harness lower and more secure. 4. Make the process of installing the speaker easier than no relay.