Crazy 350km / h Alice head Ted Brady and then break the world record

Motorcycles Alice head always looks so handsome, let the front wheel floating is not a problem, the focus is how long you can last, but also the speed was enough handsome. Alice head can always bring you the excitement of pleasure, watching the vehicle to make the limit of the action is always interesting.

But if it is more than 300km / h speed to make Alice head action? It is not fun, it requires a lot of attention and the perfect skills can be managed, if you have been in the track with 300km / h speed ride, then you should know that the strong wind pressure will pressure people Breathless, not to mention the vehicle is also affected by the wind is not so stable, in this case to make Alice head trick is some difficulties, but Ted Brady done.

Ted Brady rode his Suzuki falcon set the fastest gold world record to 217.85mph results, that is, 350.6km / h speed to break the previous by Egbert van Popta hit 213.3mph (343.27km / h) Of the record, it is difficult to believe that can use more than 350km / h speed to make Alice head of the stunt, which in addition to have the courage of the test, but also have a very good skill and concentration, to be able to so fast Speed to maintain a single round of balance, and smooth landing.

The Brady used the vehicle is Suzuki Falcon and equipped with a turbo kit, so that the car has about 540hp crazy horsepower. For the past 12 years, the Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship has been held at Elventon Airfield, England's former military airport. The contestants must first complete the head by 1km and measure your tail speed at the end. The quickest person will win.

And the movement is not only faster than the fast, like the Japanese driver Masaru Abe on the use of Yamaha Jog Alice head distance of up to 500km, spent 13 hours of continuous walking, and Dougie Lampkin in the island of TT (TT) Isle of Man TT) on the track up a whole circle, these records are surprising.

Source: Knight Net