"All terrain vehicle wolf two" now a faint

Wu Jing starred in the movie "War Wolf 2" box office won 328,900 yuan, more than "Mermaid", become the most selling block of domestic film.

In addition to real combat melee scenes, the film appeared in several cars, but also attracted a lot of fans of the eyes.

One of the all-terrain off-road vehicles, shuttle in full of obstacles and narrow trails, to avoid the four weeks of the crisis, it is very much at ease, the last scene of an explosion is exciting. This car is called spring breeze ZFORCE 800EX (referred to as Z8-EX), from Hangzhou's spring power

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"Wolves 2" shooting in a riot country in Africa, terrain rugged, and shooting, similar to the "refugee camp" full of obstacles on the narrow trail shuttle, but also flexible and flexible "gun battle", therefore, Film shooting on the participating vehicles of the power, flexibility, complex terrain adaptability is a great test.

Spring Wind Z8-EX can "participate in" "War Wolf 2", and its excellent technical and product support has a great relationship.

Spring wind Z8-EX, all-terrain off-road vehicles, the engine is 800ccV-shaped double cylinder, eight valves, single set of camshaft engine, power up to 46KW, 0-50 meters acceleration only 4.5 seconds, and two drive four-wheel drive Conversion.
In addition, the 140mm front shock absorber stroke and 180mm rear shock absorber stroke can be preloaded to ease the bumps and obstacles caused by obstacles and improve road through sexual and adaptability, even in the most bumpy On the road, but also to minimize the vibration, bad terrain such as grading.

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At the same time the spring of this SUV also uses a six-layer composite plastic fuel tank, with superior chemical resistance, effective against water, dirt and other media erosion, eliminating the trouble of maintenance.

Therefore, with the industry luxury equipment, a strong driving force, can easily qualified for a variety of harsh terrain and complex road conditions and other characteristics of the spring breeze Z8-EX can be described as "war wolf 2" bad shooting environment, the choice of the car.

Spring all-terrain off-road vehicles which watch?

In addition to the value of the spike on all the capital, it is the biggest feature is to withstand the toss,

In addition to the advantages of power and stability, in the design, Z8-EX motorcycle-like modeling structure, very simple, while the lines are very rich in mechanical sense. 35W double headlights, 21W double taillights design increased visibility, has passed EC certification and DOT certification, clearly visible at night, can fully guarantee the safety of night driving. Interior, the use of a practical and simple, tough style.