Best ATVs For Hunting - An In-Depth Guide

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Embarking on your hunting expeditions with an ATV brings numerous advantages. These versatile vehicles enable you to navigate through challenging terrains effortlessly, transport all your essential gear and weaponry, retrieve trophies from inaccessible areas, and provide overall convenience. 

With the right features and hunting accessories, certain ATVs are specifically designed to enhance your hunting experience, making it more comfortable and efficient in every aspect. As experts in everything ATV, our team at Kemimoto has carefully curated an in-depth best ATV for a hunting guide, so you can find the perfect ATV for your needs!

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Are ATVs Good for Hunting?

ATVs are great for hunting for numerous reasons.

For starters, they’re designed to handle various types of terrain, from dense forests to muddy trails, to steep inclines, allowing hunters to reach remote hunting spots that may be difficult to access on foot.

ATVs also provide ample storage capacity and carrying options for transporting hunting gear, equipment, and supplies with ease, including firearms, ammunition, hunting blinds, tree stands, coolers, and more. 

Plus, after a successful hunt, you can retrieve your harvested game, including larger animals like deer or elk, back to the hunting camp or vehicle without having to trudge back on foot.

Best ATVs For Hunting

Hunter with Rifle Facing the Tree Line

1. Brute Force 750 EPS

Not only does the Brute Force 750 EPS offer a clean appearance, but among a field of powerful machines, this ATV stands out as a force of nature.

The remarkable amount of torque delivered by the Brute Force 750 EPS throughout its power band is awe-inspiring. The moment you engage the throttle from a standstill, you’ll have a thrilling experience.

On top of that, the four-wheel-drive system, along with the rear differential lock, responds promptly and precisely, no matter the terrain. If that wasn’t enough, the independent front and rear suspension have garnered high praise from riders for its exceptional ride quality and excellent handling capabilities.

There aren’t many downsides to this ATV other than that the belt noise can get annoying after a while, making it a true winner in terms of hunting ATVs.

2. Can-Am Outlander DPS 570

The Can-Am Outlander DPS 570 is another standout performer, showcasing quick and responsive handling while maintaining exceptional build quality. It effortlessly tackles every kind of trail, demonstrating impressive capability without generating excessive vibration or noise. 

Equipped with the company’s Dynamic Power Steering system, the Outlander delivers exceptional handling, providing precise and responsive control on the move. Even without additional add-ons, the base unit offers a remarkable $6,799 MSRP value.

One of the main downsides is the clutch noise, and just about any Can-Am Outlander owner will tell you.

3. Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS

The Yamaha Grizzly is well-renowned for its reliable and work-oriented performance. Equipped with a 708cc fuel-injected engine, it ranks second only to the Brute Force in terms of torque and power.

This ATV has received commendable ratings for its user-friendly nature, overall build quality, and handling, performing exceptionally well in numerous situations. However, in terms of raw power, it falls short compared to some other vehicles on this list.

One thing to note about the Grizzly is that it has limited onboard storage space. However, don’t worry about this if you owned or are planning to buy a Grizzly for hunting. You can have a larger storage space by adding a seat bag for Grizzly. Hence, you have enough space to securely store your hunting gear, food, and drinks when hunting with Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS.

Kemimoto Seat Bag for Grizzly

4. Can-Am Outlander XT 850 DPS

If you're in search of a robust and imposing ATV, the Outlander XT 850 is the perfect choice. 

It’s nearly 50 inches tall 46 inches wide, and 86 inches long, demanding total attention as a massive, fuel-fired beast. Powered by a powerful V-twin engine capable of generating up to 78 horsepower, the Outlander XT 850 delivers impressive performance along with its striking design. By Accessorizing with an additional gun rack and camo seat cover, you can get a completely outstanding camouflage hunting ATV!

It truly stands out with exceptional build quality and a well-thought-out layout, though some people have noted instances of belt slip when under heavy strain in high-range situations, such as climbing over obstacles like large rocks.

5. Polaris Sportsman Big Boss 6x6 570 EPS

With its additional axle and six-wheeled design, this ATV is noticeably longer compared to others in its category. While you might have concerns about its length making it unwieldy in wooded areas, it demonstrates impressive agility, thanks to its power steering system. 

While the larger turning radius due to the extended length is definitely noticeable, it’s less of an issue in the field than you’d think. Plus, the extra axle provides room for a second rider! 

If the added bulk worries you, it’s totally understandable. However, if size, strength, and terrain durability are a priority, this ATV is unstoppable.

6. Honda Rubicon DCT

The Honda Rubicon DCT EPS provides both reliability and work-oriented nature, equipped with electric power steering, independent rear suspension, and a 475cc single-cylinder engine.

It’s a truly enjoyable piece of machinery to ride, tackling mud tracks and rocky terrain with remarkable ease.

With all of that said, it’s worth noting that many people have had concerns regarding the automatic transmission, as it tends to shift into higher gears too quickly, resulting in a loss of power. Additionally, the lever-activated reverse feature of the machine can be a major drawback.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An ATV For Hunting

  • Physical Capabilities

Different models are designed for different types of riders, so finding the right size, level, and weight that matches your body type is crucial. 

For starters, avoid choosing an ATV that is too large for you to handle, as riding a machine that is too big can quickly exhaust you before you even reach your hunting spot.

There’s nothing worse than fatigue and discomfort to hinder your ability to have a successful trip and stay alert.

You’ll also want to consider your height and arm span to ensure a comfortable riding position. The last thing you want is to struggle to reach the controls or have to hunch over. Take the time to test drive any models you like to determine if they are the right fit for you.

  • The Terrain

Kemimoto’s ATV side mirrors on the ATVs

The terrain you often find yourself on will dictate the capabilities and features of your ATV. For example, if you plan to ride on standard compact dirt paths, most models will suffice. 

However, if you expect to encounter challenging terrain such as mud, sand, or difficult obstacles, you will need an ATV that is specifically designed for such conditions.

If your hunting grounds have narrow paths with width restrictions, opt for a sleeker and more compact ATV, and take note of any potential obstacles along your routes to see if you need ample ground clearance. 

Please be noted that broken side mirrors will ruin your day. So, when hunting in harsh terrain, take extra care of the side mirrors as they ensure you a wide and clear view during hunting. What if the side mirrors break, switch them to a new pair for your next hunting. You find durable ATV side mirrors that are 360° adjustable.

  • The Noise Level

ATVs are known for their roaring engines, and when it comes to hunting, loud noises can easily startle prey. 

Therefore, when browsing through available ATVs, consider the engine’s noise level and look for models that prioritize noise reduction.

  • The Appearance and Features

An ATV equipped with ATV fender bags

ATVs designed specifically for hunting often come with camouflage paint jobs, so they blend into the surrounding scenery. Be sure to focus on models that offer camouflage paint to keep hidden from your prey.

You might also consider specific features and accessories that enhance your hunting experience, such as bright LED lights, hitches for towing a trailer, or a gun scabbard to be a useful addition to their quads. You can find hundreds of high-quality ATV accessories and mods here at Kemimoto!


Hunting ATV Parked Atop Hill Ridge

We hope our best ATV for hunting guide assists you in making an informed decision. 

Once you have your shiny new hunting ATV, To explore further details or explore hunting ATVs available for purchase in Big Bend, WI, we encourage you to explore our large inventory of quality aftermarket ATV accessories to take your hunting experience to the next level!


How Big Of An ATV Do I Need For Hunting?

Typically, any ATV with an engine size of approximately 500cc or more will provide sufficient power for hauling most games with the exception of moose. Anything bigger might be difficult to maneuver on tighter trails

Which Honda ATV Is Best For Hunting?

The Honda Rubicon is one of our favorite ATVs for hunting. It provides supreme reliability and excellent independent front and rear suspension!

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