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Easily Attach A GoPro With Kemimoto GoPro Motorcycle Handlebar Mount!

A man riding a motorcycle and a Kemimoto GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount

Are you a motorcycling enthusiast looking to capture and re-live the trills of rides in high definition: the adrenaline rush of speeding down open roads, breathtaking landscapes that whiz past, the roar of the engine, the wind against your face, and intoxicating freedom?

Or perhaps, a professional motorcyclist who wants to analyze and enhance your riding technique by recording your rides? 

Whatever your need is, we have an exciting product to make that happen- the innovative Kemimoto GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount. 

In this blog, you will discover the GoPro handlebar mount for motorcycles, it’s safe to install a Kemimoto GoPro motorbike handlebar mount on your motorcycle, the advantages of our GoPro handlebar mount, and easy steps to attach the GoPro motorcycles handlebar mount on your motorcycle!

Now let’s dive in!

Should I Wear A GoPro When Riding A Motorcycle?

Attaching a GoPro on a motorcycle using a Kemimoto GoPro motorcycle metal handlebar mount

You can surely install a GoPro on your motorcycle when riding. There’re multiple advantages or reasons for putting a GoPro on a motorbike. Here we list 3 main advantages of adding one as follows. 

1. Mounting a GoPro on your motorcycle lets you record your experience in high definition. Whether you’re a daily commuter who enjoys city rides or an off-roader who loves exploring uncharted terrains, recording your journey helps you make cool Youtube videos and allows you to share them with friends, family, and fellow riders.

2. GoPro is an invaluable tool for reviewing and refining your riding technique especially if you are a professional rider. Reviewing the footage, you can tell what to improve, like cornering techniques, throttle control, braking points, and even body positioning. And you find out what you did right or wrong, making it easier to replicate successful maneuvers and avoid repeating mistakes. 

For competitive racers, a GoPro helps better understand race tracks. Reliving every twist and turn, every bump on the road, and every overtaking maneuver provides valuable insights to improve lap times.

3. The GoPro footage can be used as evidence if you file an injury claim in an accident. Evidence is a significant factor in any personal injury case. Without evidence, there is no way to prove any claims made in your case. 

With a GoPro, you can have footage that can showcase the entire incident as it unfolded. Usually, many car accidents don’t have recordings of the actual crash. So footage has to be obtained from a source like a security camera but is oftentimes not available.

Can I Mount a GoPro On A Motorcycle?

You can mount a Gopro on a motorcycle with a Kemimoto aluminum Gopro motorcycle handlebar mount

Absolutely! Attaching a GoPro on a motorcycle has become increasingly popular among bikers worldwide. And rightly so, as it not only allows you to relive those adrenaline-filled rides but also serves as a fantastic tool to analyze your riding skills for continuous improvement.

While mounting the GoPro on your body might be dangerous in a crash event. The best place to install a 360° rotated GoPro is on the handlebars. Using the Kemimoto GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount, it is possible to securely mount a GoPro onto your motorcycle's handlebars. 

Whether you're riding through the city streets or venturing rugged terrains, our item promises to be your trustworthy companion. 

Best GoPro Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Best Kemimoto GoPro gopro motorcycle handlebar mount in black metal

Think about cruising down a scenic highway on your motorcycle, with every twist and turn, every splash of sunset, every fleeting moment recorded perfectly by your camera. That's what the Kemimoto GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount can bring to your biking experience. 

But, why should you choose the Kemimoto GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount over other products in the market? Let's take a closer look at its benefits and find out the answer!

Top 6 Kemimoto GoPro Motorcycle Handlebar Mount Pros

1. Durable, Doesn't Break, Deform, Or Fade

A man riding a GoPro motorbike with a Kemimoto gopro motorcycle handlebar mount attached

The Kemimoto GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount never splits and breaks when twisted to change the angle and you ride on paved trails. And it doesn’t deform after long-period use.  

Crafted from high-quality CNC machined aluminum in strong construction, our parts are much more strong than those of fragile plastic in poor construction. And its metal body with premium painting is stylish and withstands long-term exposure without wearing off. 

In addition, our GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount is corrosion-resistant which further enhances its durability, making it an ideal option if you frequently ride on rainy days and in humid conditions.  

2. 360° Rotatable To Enable Shooting In All Directions

Kemimoto’s adjustable gopro motorcycle handlebar mount is 360° rotatable

One of the greatest highlights of the Kemimoto GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount is its adjustability. With a 360 ° rotation design, you can shift the angles and different shooting directions at will. 

Whether you want a first-person view of your ride or prefer capturing the breathtaking landscapes that surround you, this mount has got you covered.

3. Tightly Hold Your Camera From Moving and Coming Off 

Suppose you install the average gopro motorcycle handlebar mount, it might very likely come off as it makes contact with the tarmac. However, you will never worry about this will happen when attaching ours. 

Directly screw the mount on the oil pump cover and having your camera safely locked by bolts that securely catch the thread, you can safely attach a GoPro to the handlebars to easily record the scenery during your various adventure. 

4. Compatible With Various Motorcycles And GoPro Series Cameras

Kemimoto gopro motorcycle handlebar mount pair well with popular GoPro action cameras

Specially designed for RH1250 models, our GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount is also compatible with SS1250 Sportster S 1250 2021-2023, and Nightster 975 RH975. 

More importantly, it is compatible with the most popular GoPro series action cameras, making it a versatile addition to your motorcycle equipment.

5. Sleek Design Adds Extra Sporty Touch To Your Ride

Combining a matt cover and glossy bracket in high-quality black painting, the Kemimoto GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount adds a cool touch to your machine. It’s a slim line but sturdy item to fit perfectly with your action camera, reinforcing the sporty look of your ride. 

Moreover, our Pro motorcycle handlebar mount is compact and doesn't add any unnecessary bulk to your handlebar, ensuring your grip remains firm and comfortable during your ride.

6. Easy To Install

GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount from Kemimoto is only made up of 3 easy components

All Kemimoto accessories are designed friendly to install and use. So does our GoPro Motorcycle Handlebar Mount. You don't need to be a mechanic to install this nifty device, which only has 3 components, on your ride. 

When attaching Kemimoto Motorcycle Handlebar Mount, just loosen the original screws, replace the original cover with the Kemimoto oil pump cover, put on the camera bracket, attach your camera, and tighten it. Simple, isn’t it? If you need guidance, you can always refer to our step-by-step installation video.

How Do You Attach the Kemimoto GoPro Motorcycle Handlebar Mount?

The steps for attaching the Kemimoto gopro motorcycle handlebar mount on a motorcycle

Installing our GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount is a breeze. Please take a look at the 4 steps:

  • Remove the original handlebar oil pump cover by loosening the screws. 

  • Replace the original cover with the Kemimoto oil pump cover and tighten it with the original screws. 

  • Put on the camera bracket and position it securely. 

  • Attach the GoPro camera to the bracket and hold it with bolts.

Voila! Your GoPro is ready to capture your epic motorcycle rides. Not good at installing things? Our useful gopro motorcycle handlebar mount installing video helps!

Why Choose Kemimoto?

When it comes to motorcycle accessories, Kemimoto is a name that many trust. With the Kemimoto durable and innovative GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount, every ride is an opportunity to capture memories and create stunning videos. Or even, you can obtain evidence when an accidence happens. 

But don't just take our word for it. Try it for yourself and see how this fantastic gear can revolutionize your riding experience. Order now and you can receive it safely packed for your next journey in just a few days at your door. 

With Kemimoto, you don’t just buy a product but a brand dedicated to responsive customer service to elevate your riding experience. Whenever you encounter any questions about our products, just feel free to reach out to us at any time as we are always ready to assist you!  

We value your feedback and strive to provide you with the best experience!

Get The Must-have Gear For Your Next Adventure Now!

Till now you’ve known the importance of installing a GoPro and you can mount a GoPro on a motorcycle with a Kemimoto gopro motorcycle handlebar mount. Looking to enhance your motorcycle rides and capture great footage? 

Let the Kemimoto GoPro motorcycle handlebar mount help you. With its robust build, 360° adjustable design, and easy installation, it's the perfect companion for every motorcycling adventure. Complete the journey of dreams with Kemimoto today!

Looking for more motorcycle accessories? Explore our 150+ innovative and durable motorcycle accessories pieces now!

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Easily Attach A GoPro With Kemimoto GoPro Motorcycle Handlebar Mount!