The Stokes motorcycle festival is no longer the world of Harley's domination

United States South Dakota, near the Montenegro area has a population of less than seven thousand people in the world, especially in those who love motorcycles, especially those who like the hearts of Harley fans, this is called Stegis Sturgis town, but it is thunder. The world's largest motorcyclist conference once a year is called the pilgrimage of Harley-Davidson.

The first week of August each year, hundreds of thousands of knights from around the world, gathered in this town, for seven consecutive days full of gasoline flavor of the motorcycle week! Is the United States and the world's largest motorcycle party festival, where you can feel a real motorcycle event, has been 77 years of history.

In the entire Stoic motorcycle festival, it can be said that Harley-Davidson motorcycle field, "the world does not have a same Harley", this classic ridicule, that is, from the Stokes motorcycle festival. Halley Motor has become the only protagonist of this 70 years. 2000 is the most popular year of Sturgos Motorcycle, the number of participants reached 63 million people, imagine a small town of only 10 square kilometers by hundreds of thousands of motorcycles and knights plug off, how is it exaggerated The scene. Over the past decade, there are about 500,000 participants each year. In 2015, Harley-Davidson signed a cooperation agreement with the city of Stegs to focus on the long-term future. The agreement was signed to meet the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. According to the agreement, Harley-Davidson Motorcycle became the official car for the Stegs Motorcycle Festival, valid for 75 years, so that Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the Stuart motorcycle more solid a brother's position.

However, all this has changed in the last two years.

More and more brands, began to enter the original one of the original motorcycle event.

This change starts from the American heavy machine. Speaking of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally would have to mention the Indian motorcycle, because this important festival, originally by the Indian locomotive to the town of Stegis. Do not want to later became the world of Harley-Davidson. Today, the North Star is also a great return to the former brilliant ambitions, they seize the excellent publicity opportunities in Stegis show its latest products.

European heavy machinery of course, do not give up such a great opportunity!
From the Italian heavy machine manufacturer Moto Guz will bring the first 77th Sturgis motorcycle rally to some Italian style! The show will be held at Stegis last weekend and the audience will be able to see the show and test from the factory, including the new Moto Guzzi MGX-21 in 2017, California 1400, V9 Roamer, V9 Bobber, V7III Stone, The engine series of Eldorado and Audace models.

BMW Heavy Machinery will debut at the Lynyrd Skynyrd stage of American rock and roll veteran. A huge BMW K 1600 Bagger will be parked on the center stage, becoming the focus of rock and roll attention.

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