Things To Know About Rear View Mirror

The Hidden Function Of Rear View Mirror

You know what, underneath the rear view mirror in your car, there's a little tab you can pull forward or push back. In all these years, I never knew what it was for! And now I do. You see, there's actually a piece of glass in the front and a mirror behind that piece of glass. In the "day" setting, with the tab pushed back, the rear view mirror and the glass are aligned. In the "night" setting, with the tab pulled forward, the rear view mirror is pointed toward the ceiling, but the glass in front still faces behind you. The rear view mirror reflects the almost pitch black ceiling, and the glass reflects a lot less light than the mirror would. This reduces the glare from headlights behind you.

Tips: This kind of rear view mirror can restrain dazzle in the basic of optical principle. There is a double reflectivity. When the reflected light is too strong and dazzling, the driver can manually stir the Angle adjustment lever of the rear view mirror to make the Angle of the rear view mirror shift. At this time, the reflectivity of the mirror is small, which can naturally weaken the light intensity.

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Don’t Ignore The Rear View Mirror

A lot of people would ignore the rear view mirror in the car, some female drivers may even use it as a cosmetic mirror, if the rear view mirror is not useful, why do manufacturers install it? In fact, the rear view mirror in the car also has many other functions. If you don't know, check it out.

We all know that the rear view mirror can reflect the traffic situation around and behind the car. The rear view mirror can reduce the blind spot, so that we can avoid accidents while driving. But many people don't know how to adjust the rear view mirror, which might lead to very large blind spots while driving, and can increase our risk of driving. The mirrors on both sides of the car are very important, but the rear view mirrors in the car are of the same importance. It might even save lives at critical times, so today we're going to talk about the rear view mirror in the car.

While driving, we can get a good view of what's going on in front of the car, but we can't get a good view of what's going on behind the car. Many drivers use the rear view mirror to see behind the car. We can use the rear view mirror to observe the vehicle behind the car. If the vehicle behind you has a traffic accident or a broken brake, flashing lights crazily, and you see it, you can naturally avoid getting hurt. So we must look at the rear view mirror in the car to timely observe the rear vehicle and watch out their distance.

Although someone say if a car hit us from behind, we are not to be blamed. So why should we pay special attention to the rear view mirror? But the responsibility of whoever, for the cars and their own safety has a lot of hidden trouble, if there was a traffic accident, no one knows how serious it would be. If serious, penitence all be too late. So don't think the responsibility stuff, whether large or small, accident can be very troublesome

So don't think the utv rear view mirror are cheap and useless again, and also don't feel like watching the rear view mirror is a very troublesome thing, in daily driving, the good habit of observing the rear view mirror in time can avoid the car scratches and avoid traffic accidents. Hope all the car owners can drive safely.

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Why Choose Our Rear View Mirror

Wide Angle And Oversize Convex Rear Mirror

The wide angle rear view mirror is the perfect rear view mirror for UTV. It has an incredible range of adjustments with different mounting options to allow it to fit on nearly any UTV

The oversize convex viewing surface reduces vibration and allows the rider to see anything happening behind them. The all-steel clamp, shaft and bracket create a heavy-duty mirror that can really take a beating.Huge, convex viewing surface minimizes vibration and gives the driver view of everything behind him.

More Characters Of The Rear View Mirror

【Fitment】This polaris ranger rear view mirror only fits vehicle with factory present drop down mounting tab, not for round roll bar. It also fits Forklift such as Yale, Cat, Mitsubishi, Doosan, Komatsu, Crown, JLG, but in some cross bar, you may need to drill two holes.

【Break Away Feature】Ball Socket Joint For Unlimited Viewing Angles. Our polaris ranger mirror can fold back to avoid damage while hitting the branches.

【Shatter-Proof Tempered Glass】The Ranger 900 XP rear view mirror made of high impact ABS housing with Shatter-Proof tempered glass. The glasses won't be threw away, then it won't hurt others when the mirror breaks down.

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【Mirror size】10" x 4.7". With a sleek and stylish design that looks great on all UTV's and big enough for maximum view, even over harsh terrain and whoops.

【Easy installation】All hardware included. Make sure your UTV unit has the factory mounting tab shown in the picture 2.

 Come and get the  rear view mirror from kemimoto.

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