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The Best UTV Windshields: An Ultimate Guide to Making the Right Choice

A Polaris Ranger 570 with Kemimoto’s UTV front windshield-1

Hitting the off-road trails in your UTV is a thrilling experience, but without the right gear, you're just a sitting duck for every gust of wind and rogue pebble out there. This is where a first-rate UTV windshield steps up to bat, offering a shield of comfort and a layer of safety that can't be overlooked. Whether it’s battling dust storms on rugged paths, enduring the bite of the cold, or streamlining your beast for better performance, the ultimate UTV windshield can seriously upgrade your adventure.

In today's blog, we're all about UTV windshields—covering their advantages, the various types you can find, and the materials they're crafted from. We'll also guide you through what to ponder when choosing the perfect windshield. Plus, we'll unveil our top picks for Kemimoto’s premium transparent UTV windshields—perfectly tailored to meet your model's specifications and rugged enough to tackle the wild, all while ensuring you ride with flair.

Read on and discover now!

Do I Need a Windshield on My UTV?

The UTV windshield is like your own personal shield, keeping all the nasty stuff including wind, rain, mud, and bugs, out of your face. It's not just about making your ride more comfortable; it's a big safety feature, too. The UTV windshield helps keep you from getting worn out behind the wheel and stands guard against anything that might come flying at you.

There are aftermarket windshields less expensive than OEM ones and come with various styles and features. You can customize them for better aerodynamics, scratch resistance, or just to look cool. You're able to find some durable aftermarket UTV windshields that fit your ride like a glove and come with all kinds of extra features that are perfect for whatever conditions you're tackling.

Types of UTV Windshields

No matter the adventure or weather conditions you face in your UTV, there's a windshield that fits the bill. There are mainly 4 types of windshields: full windshields keep you cozy, half ones offer a taste of freedom, folding types deliver flexibility, and tilting designs put you in charge. 

  • Full Windshields: They give you complete front-facing protection that's perfect for cooler climates or areas with lots of debris. If you're taking a ride through a cold forest or hitting a dusty trail, you'll definitely appreciate having a full windshield to keep you from freezing or eating dirt.

  • Half Windshields: Half windshields are great when you want some air but don't want the wind smacking you straight in the face. They're really good for warmer spots. Think desert rides or just cruising around in the summer heat. A half windshield cuts the wind while letting you still enjoy the breeze.

  • Folding Windshields: Folding windshields combine the benefits of both full and half windshields with an adjustable design. Can't decide if you need full coverage or some airflow? Just start with it up and fold it down when you're ready to feel the wind on your face.

  • Tilting Windshields: Tilting windshields allow you to adjust the angle, providing versatility in airflow and protection. Adjust on the go—more air, less debris—it's all about what works for you at the moment. 

Materials Used in UTV Windshields

Understanding the materials used is crucial when making an informed decision. Let's explore some of the most commonly used materials—polycarbonate, acrylic, and glass—in UTV windshields.

  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate windshields are super tough and can take a beating without breaking. They’re perfect for off-road adventures where you're dodging branches and flying debris. If you want to get fancy, there’s this hard-coated polycarbonate UTV windshield that adds some serious armor against scratches. It's like giving your windshield an invisible shield, so the hard-coated version stays clear and good-looking even when the going gets rough.

  • Acrylic (Plexiglass): Acrylic windshield is kind of like the lightweight cousin in the windshield family. It's crystal clear, so you won't miss any of the scenery on your ride. However, the acrylic windshields are less durable than polycarbonate ones. So if you like to stick to gentle rides and want to keep things light, acrylic UTV windshields could be your best bud.

  • Glass: Glass windshields are the old-school classic. They offer excellent optical clarity that makes everything look sharp and vivid. Plus, the glass windshields are scratch-resistant. However, glass windshields are heavier and more prone to shattering upon impact. While they are great for cruising around and enjoying the view, they might not be the first pick for you if you are a hardcore off-roader.

Should I Get a Half or Full Windshield Side-by-Side?

A full windshield provides maximum protection, while a half windshield might suffice for those preferring more airflow.

Full windshields are awesome for trapping some extra heat when it's chilly outside, and they'll protect you against any rocks or junk that gets kicked up. Plus, the full windshields help keep you from getting drenched when the skies open up. 

On the flip side, half windshields let a breeze roll in, which is perfect for scorching days. They also do a solid job of minimizing the dust swirling around your ride, and when everything turns into a wet or muddy mess, you might find them easier to look through than the full ones.

Is Polycarbonate or Acrylic Better for UTV Windshield?

Polycarbonate, often the go-to choice for UTV windshields, strikes a balance between clarity, weight, and toughness, making it ideal for off-road scenarios. Acrylic offers superior clarity, but polycarbonate's strength makes it a better fit for rough, unpredictable terrain.

Glass or Poly Windshield for Side-by-Side?

Polycarbonate windshields are usually the go-to for most side-by-side enthusiasts who value safety and durability over everything else.  

Polycarbonate is typically favored for its resilience and safety over glass, which can be heavy and shatter under harsh conditions. Polycarbonate windshields are super tough and won't shatter into a million pieces if things get gnarly. Glass windshields offer a crystal-clear view, but they pack on the pounds and don't play nice with impact. 

When you're off-roading, a lighter poly UTV windshield is often better. You want your ride to be agile, not weighed down by a heavy front screen. Besides, with a poly UTV windshield, you've got less stress about cleanup after a rough-and-tumble day since it's less prone to cracking or breaking.

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best UTV Windshield

Kemimoto’s Polycarbonate PC Front UTV Windshield For Pioneer 700700-4 (2014-2023)

1. Compatibility with Your UTV Model: Ensure the windshield fits your make and model perfectly.

2. Climate and Environmental Considerations: If you frequently ride in colder, snow-prone regions, a glass windshield can offer better resistance to scratching from icy particles and maintain clear visibility. In contrast, in hotter, more varied climates where you may encounter everything from dust storms to heavy brush, a polycarbonate windshield is better suited to withstand temperature fluctuations and potential impacts without compromising safety.

3. Durability and Impact Resistance: Polycarbonate windshields generally offer the best protection against impacts.

4. Installation and Ease of Use: Look for windshields that are easy to install and remove.

5. Maintenance Requirements: Opt for materials that are easy to clean and maintain. For example, polycarbonate windshields are the top pick for low-maintenance care, requiring just a simple wipe with mild soap and water to keep them looking sharp and clear on the trails. 

6. Visibility and Optical Clarity: Choose materials that remain transparent over time.

7. Additional Features: Consider added features like UV protection, scratch resistance, or compatibility with wipers and vents.

6 Best UTV Windshields at Kemimoto

At Kemimoto, we offer a lineup of top-notch UTV windshields to suit various models and needs. Explore our six best UTV windshields designed for Kawasaki, Can-Am Maverick X3, Polaris RZR, Polaris Ranger, Yamaha, and ZForce, and discover how they can enhance your experience.

1. Rear Soft Rear Windshield for Kawasaki TERYX 4 800

Kemimoto's soft rear windshield for the Kawasaki TERYX 4 800 protects against dirt and mud

You're cruising through the backwoods in autumn; leaves are changing, and it's stunning, but they're also falling like crazy. Pop on a soft rear windshield—you won't spend the ride with a lap full of foliage. Plus, when that chilly fall air starts biting, a rear windshield for your Kawasaki is clutch for keeping the cabin cozy for you and your friends.

Then, say it's springtime, you're out after a rainstorm, and the trails are super muddy. That soft rear windshield will save the day by keeping all that muck from splashing into the interior. It's like having the best of both worlds, open-air vibes when you want them, and protection when you need it. Check out more details!

2. Roll-Up/Down Rear Windshield for ZForce 500/800/1000

A ZForce with Kemimoto’s Roll-UpDown Rear Windshield

Adding a roll-up/down rear windshield to your ZForce 500, 800, or 1000 is all about versatility and convenience for your off-road fun. This nifty accessory lets you quickly adapt to changing weather conditions, allowing fresh air flow when desired or protection from dust and debris when needed. 

Want a breeze on those balmy days? Roll it down. Need to block out dust and debris? Roll it up. It's super user-friendly, making your ride comfy whether you're battling the heat or avoiding rain splatter and mud. Amp up your ZForce with this cool, customizable feature. It's about keeping you comfy and safe on every journey, ensuring you've got perfect visibility for wherever the trail leads. Check out more details!

3. Full Windshield for Can-Am Maverick X3/X3 MAX

Kemimoto's full windshield for the Can-Am Maverick X3 offers protection against dust, leaves, and snow

With Can-Am Maverick X3 or X3 MAX, you're all set for some serious off-road action. A full windshield protects you from the gnarly stuff, like bugs, rocks, and dust, so you can zip around without a face full of nature's not-so-fun surprises. 

Plus, on those colder days when the wind's howling, this full windshield keeps you cozy inside so you can keep riding in comfort. And there's less cleanup after because it takes the hit from all the mud and debris, keeping your rig looking sharp. Check out more details!

4. Front Full PC Windshield for Polaris RZR 570 800/4 800S XP 900/4

Installing a front full polycarbonate windshield on your Polaris RZR is an off-roader's smart move. This durable barrier offers crystal-clear visibility while protecting you from the elements and trail debris. Not only does it defend against wind, rain, and flying mud, but it also adds a layer of safety by preventing rocks and branches from entering the cab. Perfect for RZR models 570, 800/4 800S, and XP 900/4, this tough windshield keeps you focused on the thrill of the ride. Upgrade your RZR with this must-have accessory today!

5. Rear Windshield with Zipper for Yamaha Rhino/Massimo

Kemimoto’s Rear Windshield with Zipper for Yamaha RhinoMassimo protects from rain and UV light

With a quick-zip rear windshield, you can shield yourself from that sudden splash of rain or block out the flying dust. And when the sun decides to play nice again? Just unzip and enjoy the open-air vibe. Installing one is like giving your ride a super cool convertible feature, perfect for those who want to stay flexible and ready for anything the trail serves up.  Check out more details!

6. Rear Windshield for Polaris Ranger 570/500/Crew 570/ETX

Kemimoto’s sturdy Polycarbonate windshield for Polaris Ranger

When you're cruising down the trail or working hard on the land, and you've got dust swirling up into the cab or cold air nipping at your neck – not fun, right? Slap on that rear windshield, and suddenly you're in a comfy bubble, protected from all that mess. Plus, it cuts down on the noise and could even keep your buddy's cup of joe from flying out the back when you hit a bump! It's like giving your ride the ultimate upgrade for comfort and practicality.

Interested in exploring more of Kemimoto’s windshield options for your model? Browse our extensive selection of UTV windshields now!

Customization and Personalization Options

Aftermarket mods can really make your ride your own. Pop in some top-notch wipers to keep your view crystal clear when the weather gets iffy. Toss in some custom vents, they’ll keep you comfortable by managing airflow like a pro.

And for the ultimate statement, deck out your ride with custom graphics and tinted windshields. These personal touches do more than just up the cool factor; they also shield your eyes from that harsh sun glare. It's time to trick out your UTV to match that bold spirit of yours!

Legal Considerations and Compliance

Alright, let's talk about keeping things on the up-and-up with your UTV windshield. First off, if you're aiming to roll on public roads, you've gotta get a windshield that's DOT-approved – that’s your golden ticket to legality. Each state has its own playbook for what flies and what doesn’t, so do yourself a solid and check your local laws. You don't want to get all geared up only to find out your shiny new windshield isn’t street-legal in your neck of the woods. Stay informed, stay compliant, and keep the good times rolling legally!

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right windshield for your UTV—be it a full, half, folding, or tilting one, and whether it's made from polycarbonate, acrylic, or glass—is going to make all the difference. By thinking about what you really need in terms of protection and ride experience, you'll be making a solid investment. So, go ahead and upgrade with a top-notch Kemimoto windshield to take your off-road adventures to the next level!

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The Best UTV Windshields: An Ultimate Guide to Making the Right Choice