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Accesorios compatibles con Polaris General

Accessories Compatible With <tc>Polaris</tc> General


Polaris General es una combinación ideal de practicidad y ocio. Es el mejor socio tanto para la diversión como para la productividad. Por esta razón, Kemimoto ofrece una amplia variedad de retrovisores, paneles de puertas y techos del mercado de accesorios para satisfacer sus necesidades.

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The General 1000 and the General XP 1000 share most features, but there are differences. Essentially, the chassis, engine, cab and drivetrain are the same, and most of the XP1000's upgraded features are designed to improve comfort and usability. They will definitely add value to their users.

With the XP's ultra-sensitive 100 horsepower engine, you can go all out on a wild adventure.

Sounds great! The Polaris general is one of the best gift for trail riding. They are seems to made for outdoor. Polaris General is a pleasure to drive, no matter what the path or terrain is.

Yes, you can limit the speed through an app on your device. Put the vehicle key into the accessory position. Next press the more tab icon in the bottom right of the app and choose garage open the vehicle page from the garage and select the vehicle settings tab. Set the maximum speed limit to the on position. Choose the desired maximum speed.

Most characteristics of the General 1000 and General XP 1000 are the same, although there are some differences. The chassis, engine, cab, and transmission are essentially unchanged, and the majority of the enhanced features on the XP1000 are intended to increase comfort and functionality. They will undoubtedly benefit their customers.

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