Can-Am Maverick X3 Roof (OEM
Hard Roof Fit Can-Am Maverick X3 - Kemimoto
Hard Roof Fit Can-Am Maverick X3 - Kemimoto
Hard Roof Fit Can-Am Maverick X3 - Kemimoto
Hard Roof Fit Can-Am Maverick X3 - Kemimoto
Hard Roof Fit Can-Am Maverick X3 - Kemimoto
Hard Roof Fit Can-Am Maverick X3 - Kemimoto
Can-Am Maverick X3 OEM Hard Roof
Hard Roof For Can-Am Maverick X3 - Kemimoto

Ajuste de techo rígido Can-Am Maverick X3

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¿Sigue concentrándote en el rendimiento de tu Can-Am Maverick X3? La segunda cosa que debe notar es su seguridad. Equipa el techo deportivo Kemimoto Can-Am Maverick X3, diseñado para protegerte de la lluvia, la nieve, el sol y el polvo. Puedes mantenerte fresco y seguro al mismo tiempo.

Kemimoto ofrece el mejor producto del mercado y la mejor garantía de la industria. El comprador original de cada techo está cubierto por una garantía de 6 meses contra defectos de fabricación. ¿Cómo se puede presentar una reclamación de garantía? Antes de enviar algo a Kemimoto, complete el formulario correspondiente haciendo clic en el siguiente enlace: Complete el formulario, asegurándose de que cada campo se complete correctamente. Siga las instrucciones de cada página para el proceso de garantía o devolución. El cliente es responsable de devolver los artículos a Kemimoto y de proporcionar información de seguimiento precisa. Conserve hasta que un miembro del equipo de Kemimoto se comunique con usted.


The whole piece X3 roof is safer, more waterproof, more durable, more aesthetically pleasing and less maintenance intensive than a 2-piece x3 roof.

No, this one is made of high quality impact resistant injected polypropylene, which means it is more more durable and resistant to impact and chemicals, making it a good choice for rough terrain and harsh environments.

The other one is made of high-density Polyethylene, which means it is more flexible and lightweight, making it easier to install and handle.

,{"id":9731836,"body":"I haven't been able to mount it or the windshield because the Maveric is in Colorado and I'm in New Mexico, but I'll be there on the 16th. Your service is great and I want to order more stuff. The rear wind screen with Can Am written in it, the lower door inserts and the black Pre-Runner front bumper. You had these advertised on Ebay. Sharpen your pencil and if you're good enough I'll buy all three. Let me know. Stay healthy. :) Steve","image_urls":[],"show_image":true,"star_rating":5,"verified_review":true,"by_shop_owner":false,"created_ts":"2021-09-03 00:25:14.083662+00:00","video":null,"user_name":"Steve E.","user_image_url":null,"comment":null,"resolved_message":null,"custom_fields":[],"region":null,"language":null,"is_foreign":false,"source":null,"product_name":"Can-Am Maverick X3 Roof","product_url":"https:\/\/\/products\/can-am-maverick-x3-sport-roof"},{"id":8430186,"body":"Good fit. Good value for the money","image_urls":[],"show_image":true,"star_rating":4,"verified_review":true,"by_shop_owner":false,"created_ts":"2021-03-02 03:29:34.658913+00:00","video":null,"user_name":"Arturo N.","user_image_url":null,"comment":null,"resolved_message":null,"custom_fields":[],"region":null,"language":null,"is_foreign":false,"source":null,"product_name":"Can-Am Maverick X3 Roof","product_url":"https:\/\/\/products\/can-am-maverick-x3-sport-roof"},{"id":8300325,"body":"piece of molded plastic, holes in right place. sent wrong hardware, contacted kemimoto and new hardware was on door step 3 days later.","image_urls":[],"show_image":true,"star_rating":5,"verified_review":true,"by_shop_owner":false,"created_ts":"2021-02-12 00:02:19+00:00","video":null,"user_name":"Mike S.","user_image_url":null,"comment":null,"resolved_message":null,"custom_fields":[],"region":null,"language":null,"is_foreign":false,"source":"Amazon","product_name":"Can-Am Maverick X3 Roof","product_url":"https:\/\/\/products\/can-am-maverick-x3-sport-roof"}]},"revisiones_extranjeras":[],"review_page_count":4,"review_page_count":0,"widget_type":"Product","review_form_data":{"shop_id":1025,"shop_name":"Kemimoto","reviewer":{"name":null,"email":null} ,"productos":[{"id":1696730,"name":"Can-Am Maverick X3 Roof","product_image_url":"https:\/\/\/s\/files\/1\/2234\/5357\/products\/maverick-x3-roof.jpg?v=1639704145","custom_fields":{},"revisión":null,"review_request_id":null,"review_request_token":null}]},"preguntas":[{"id":25149,"question":"Can it fit 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3?","answer":"This roof fit 2020 Can Am Maverick X3 all 2 Seat models","creation_timestamp":"2019-12-24T03:41:17.648720+00:00"},{"id":25147,"question":"will it hurt my windshield?","answer":"This hard roof top will compatible with any kind of windshield that you have, that is to say, our hard roof won't get in the way of your windshield and provides excellent downhill visibility.","creation_timestamp":"2019-12-24T03:39:24.862225+00:00"}]}" data-opinew-shop-id="22345357" data-shop-url="" data-platform-product-id="3825959075937">

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