5FT UTV ATV Spiral Whip Light with RF Remote Control for Polaris Can Am Truck Buggy Dune Boat


SKU: B0804-01601CL

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Spiral Led Whip Lights- 1PCS/ 5FT

1. Kemimoto UTV led whip light will glow in 360°direction with the spiral LED chips to bright the whole sky, which will help you stand out from the group, let them notice where you are, especially on the dune hill, track, or trail.

2.Waterproof 5050 SMD chips with bendable EVA housing for long-term use, kemimoto UTV lighted whip is designed to resist all weather conditions. And we also offer lifetime service for easy maintenance with no worries.

3.Kemimoto lighted whips for utv have a quick-release mounting base for easy to install or take off, and you can also use the dust cap to prevent mud or sand stuck on the base. And American Flag with adjustable mounting clamps to prevent the flag from entangling, let the flag gone with wind freely. Package includes One 5ft whip light, one remote control, one USA flag, flag mounting hardware, dust cap and installation instruction. If you need a replacement, pls don't hesitate to let me know.