Can-Am Defender Rubber Full Bed Liner


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SKU: B0107-00601BK

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This Defender rubber bed liner is designed with the extra lip, Which owns the feature of waterproof and impermeable and effectively prevent debris from sliding under the mat.


Keeps the Cargo Intact when the vehicle Is in Motion: It is common for Defender owners to slide around the bed when the vehicle is in motion. The slipping cargo can be damaged or may end up damaging the cargo bed. This is when a bed liner and floor mat come in handy. Adding to the benefits, of course, is the fact that bed mats act as MAJOR noise reducers, especially when driving through rough off-road terrains.

Prevent Damages by Bad Weather: Defender rubber bed liner mats are made from premium rubber that won't break, crack, or chip. When driving through extreme weather conditions, you may end up causing unnecessary damages to your Defender bed. This will be not your concern if you have the right rubber liner bed mat fitted to withstand extreme weather conditions and mild chemical effects, which gives you peace of mind when driving around and it also allows you to drive through any weather conditions.

Easy to Install, Remove and Clean: From time to time, you may want to remove the mat and clean the bed. The ease of installation and removal of mats makes them the perfect choice for those who want their Defender beds protected.


  • Item Weight ‎8.8 pounds
  • Package Dimensions ‎38.2 x 6 x 5.5 inches