Can-Am Maverick X3 Front Bumper


This bumper must be the best Can-Am maverick X3 front bumper ever. It is not only stylish and has good strength, but also combines with practicality. You won't have your X3 covered in wounds! Read more

SKU: B0101-00901

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 No better Can-Am Maverick X3 Front Bumper you can find. Your Maverick X3 is sleek and powerful, which is why you need a front bumper to match. Kemimoto’s Maverick X3 Front Bumper gives your headlights and plastic bodywork complete front-end protection while also providing a winch mounting plate and tow clevises. It’s style, strength, and utility all in one. You won't let your X3 be covered in wounds!


Heavy-Duty Steel for Strength: This Can-Am X3 bumper may look small, but it can handle big hits. Made of 1.5” (3.9 cm) diameter steel tubing with a 1.2” (3.1 mm) aluminum plate for extra durability.

Easy Installation: With installation instructions, Can-Am X3 bumper is very easy to install, it can be installed in the front of your UTV quickly with the included mounting screws.

Stylish Look: The color of the Maverick X3 bumper is black, and with the cool appearance, you can make your travel or match more cool, full of metal feeling, increase the fashion and beauty of the UTV.

Durable Material: Under extreme driving conditions, Can-Am X3 bumper will provide complete protection your net, headlights, engine and other parts from being damaged and scratches.