Cup Holder For 2014-21 Honda Pioneer 700/700-4


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SKU: B0113-09401BK

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Kemimoto cup holder is made of high-quality 4.5MM thick ABS, not easy to break. It provides a reachable place to put your stuff needed in a ride


High Quality: Made of high-quality 4.5MM thick ABS, with high hardness and strength, good low-temperature impact resistance, not easy to break.

Extra Storage Area: The Pioneer 700-4 cup holder provides a reachable place to put your stuff needed in a ride, such as cups, bottles, cellphones, gloves, sunglasses, etc.

Aviod Water Accumulation: You can put 2 water bottles with a diameter within 85mm, and there are 2 leaking holes at the bottom of the water cup to avoid water accumulation at the bottom of the cup.

4 Switch Reserved: In addition to the function of holding items, the Pioneer cupholder also can work as a switch plate. There are 4 switch positions reserved on the cup holder that you can add switches according to your need.

Easy Installation: You just need to use four self-tapping screws to fix the bracket panel, but you may need to drill holes in the vehicle.