Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 Soft Upper Doors Kit


You can't ride without those doors. Our superior manufacturing and high-quality construction make it sturdy, waterproof, and just what you need for a comfortable ride in all conditions. The kawasaki teryx upper doors kits provide you with adequate coverage when you need it and comfortable airflow throughout the year when you don't. In addition, they are compatible with the roof and windshield. Read more
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30 Days Price Match Guarantee
Easy Install


Clear Vision: The PVC transparent film can provide a clear vision, which will make your journey safer and happier.

Double Zipper Design: The double zipper design allows you to unzip from the outside or inside of your KRX 1000, then you can get on and off quickly.

Tips for PVC material: When you receive the UTV soft upper doors, you can blow them with a hairdryer if they are wrinkled because the hot air can straighten the PVC material again.