KEMIMOTO LED Flashlight Gloves


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SKU: BZH0217-02

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With the help of kemimoto LED Flashlight Gloves. No longer need to hold a flashlight in one hand and work with another hand.The practical LED Lighted tool gloves, free your hands, light up where you are pointing.


Versatility: Wear kemimoto led flashlight gloves to illuminate instead of holding a flashlight. Free your hands, apply for various scenes, such as replace and install UTV accessories; take out tools and items in the storage bag or storage box; quickly find the fallen items in the UTV cab; outdoor activities, fishing, biking, camping.

Durable and comfortable: kemimoto led light gloves are made of cotton cloth, which is durable enough, soft, breathable, and elastic, comfortable fabric will not restrain your hands and affect your activities. Fit most men's and women's hands.

Easy to use: Ready to use out of the package, wear these LED hand light gloves and easily reset the switch on the back to turn on the light. A variety of alternative methods, different alternative methods can be used according to personal preferences and actual application. scenarios. (Please refer to the picture or video).

Bright enough: There are two LED lights on the two-finger cots of the light gloves, pointing to any place where you are lighting, bright enough to meet your work needs.

Replaceable battery: You don't have to worry about battery life. These LED gloves are powered by two-button batteries and can be continuously lit for 48 hours. You can replace the button battery after opening the screw, which is convenient and quick.


  • Each hand with two LED light cover index finger and thumps.
  • One click to OPEN/OFF.
  • Max output up to 50 lumens light.
  • 2 button changeable batteries in each glove.
  • Made of high breathable and stretch cotton comfortable elastic fabric.
  • Adapt to various working environments.
  • Perfectly fit for hiking, camping, fixing, repairing, wiring, DIY, and more.