Polaris Slingshot Black Car Cover 300D Elastic Oxford Composite 80g Non-woven Frabric


SKU: B0115-00501BK

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The cover is made of 300D Oxford cloth composite shells silk 80g non-woven fabric with soft nap, PU coating, double stitching, resistance to scratch tear, can prevent ultraviolet ray, anti-aging, not easy fade, the soft inner layer can prevent the Slingshot from being hurt

Both sides of the cover have a whole glance stripe, which can serve as a warning in the evening

There's a water-proof stripe on the backstitching line, fit well with the backstitching line and performing good in the water-proof function

The bottom of the cover has an edge hole and is equipped with a strap, bind the edge to the wheel to prevent the cover from being blown away by the wind


Polaris Slingshot