Talon Rear Windshield of High Light Transmittance For 2019-2021 Talon 1000X 1000R


SKU: B0110-03801SK

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High Quality: This talon 1000r windshield is made of high-quality PC material, which is shock-resistant, shatter-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and can withstand extreme outdoor environments.

Easy Installation: Durable talon windshield clamps can be securely fastened to the windshield pre-drills. It’s easy to install or remove the talon 1000 rear windshield.

Dark tint windshield: Environmental-friendly PC construction ensures good light transmission and helps to soften radiation, the dark tint windshield can help reduce the influence of dazzling sunlight, ready to enjoy your journey while driving on your Talon!

Good Protection: The talon windshield will protect your vehicle well and keep drivers and passengers out of rain and dirt while riding outdoor after installing it. It can also block the cold wind entering from rear, applied to any weather.