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Get 20% off on Heated Jackets/Vests This Black Friday 2023

Kemimoto black friday heated jacket sale 2023 

With winter approaching, it's time to gear up and brace the cold. To make this easier, Kemimoto's fantastic Black Friday 2023 sale offers a 20% discount on our heated jackets and vests. 

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys riding UTV/ATV/Motorcycles, working outdoors, or simply someone seeking warmth indoors during the freezing winter, we have something for everyone.

Let’s dive into our top 8 heated jacket/vest types to understand their prices, features, advantages, and how they can keep you warm in a smart way!

Best Kemimoto Heated Jacket and Vest for Black Friday 2023

Kemimoto's smart heated jackets and vests ensure you stay warm and energetic in a smart way during winter. Now, let's take a closer look at Kemimoto's Black Friday jacket and vest offerings!

1. 12V Heated Jacket for Motorcycle Riding

Kemimoto’s 12V heated jacket black Friday

This heated jacket offers full coverage and provides an extra sporty look, leaving no cold spots and addressing any areas where you might typically feel uncomfortably chilly. The jacket includes 6 heating zones: 2 on the chest, 2 on the sleeves, 1 on the back, and 1 on the collar.

Featuring a smart temperature control system (Hi-Kemi™ Smart System), each heating zone and its temperature can be set with the simple touch of a button. For example, you might want to focus more heat on your neck or back, especially when motorcycling, off-roading, farming, ice fishing, hunting, etc., in freezing winter.

Powered by a 12V supply, you can directly connect it to your motorcycle battery and start feeling warmth in just 3 seconds, ensuring worry-free riding. Plus, the jacket offers up to 10 hours of lasting coziness, and it’s energy-efficient as you can choose to heat only the areas you need at the desired temperature.

Kemimoto’s 12V Heated Jacket for Motorcycle Riding is lightweight, waterproof, windproof, and breathable, providing more comfort in the cold season as its unique sewing techniques and fabrics.

No more worry about overheating! Our jacket has multiple NTC thermistors for automatic current regulation. And with a built-in motion sensor, it can automatically turn off after 10 minutes even when you forget to do so while not wearing it.

2. Men's Classic Heated Warm Jacket with Fleece

Kemimoto’s Men's Classic Heated Warm Jacket black Friday 2023

Looking for a classic and versatile jacket that's affordable, matches any outfit, and provides superior warmth? Check out our Classic Heated Warm Jacket with Fleece.

This budget-friendly jacket has 4 heating zones: 2 on the chest, and 2 on the back. This allows you to control the heat separately in the front and back by pressing a button on the chest. Additionally, its three heat settings allow you to choose between high, medium, and low levels. 

The jacket can retain heat for up to 10 hours on a single charge, as it includes a compact 5V battery. This means you can stay warm and cozy all day or all night long while you're riding on-road/off-road, or working outdoors. It’s also waterproof, windproof, and machine-washable

This heated jacket is lined with fleece for added warmth and softness. It also has a detachable hood that you can add or remove based on weather conditions. 

Our customers told us it keeps them warm in cold weather without being bulky or heavy. 

3. Heated Hoodie with 12V Battery Pack

Kemimoto’s Heated Hoodie with 12V Battery Black Friday 2023

Boost your wardrobe with this versatile unisex heated hoodie jacket! 

This stylish unisex heated hoodie jacket, designed for both men and women, features a slim design that accentuates your curves. Crafted from quality cotton fabric and lined with a soft fleece-like material, it's complete with a fashionable stand-up collar. 

This windproof, machine-washable hoodie is your go-to for UTV/ATV riding and work, it effectively combats cold gusts, while the built-in heat keeps you toasty.

The hoodie jacket has 3 temperature levels and 6 heating zones - two in the abdomen, three in the back, and one in the neck. You have complete control over your comfort through three separate buttons. 

Included with this heated coat is a rechargeable 12V battery, which makes you feel cozy as soon as you put it on and keeps you warm for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Plus, this battery also doubles as a portable charger for your phones!

Our customers love this coat for its elegant look and excellent heating performance. 

4. Heated Vest With Heated Hood - Black

Kemimoto’s Heated Vest With Heated Hood Black Friday 2023

Hunting for a heated vest that can keep you warm and flexible at the same time? Our lightweight Heated Vest allows you to move comfortably while riding your vehicle. Boasting a stylish design with an elastic waist, it adjusts to fit any figure.

Featuring 5 fast-heating zones powered by a 5V 9600mAh battery, this vest ensures immediate warmth from the moment you put it on. It keeps you cozy throughout your entire off-road trail journey for up to 10 hours. An added perk? This Heated Vest With a Heated Hood is also made with a smart temperature control system, so you can adjust the heat based on your needs using two temperature control buttons. 

It’s not just perfect for the outdoors! You can also gift this quality vest as a winter present to your best friends and loved ones.

Customers have told us that this vest keeps them warm enough without making them sweat or feel restricted.

5. Classic Heated Vest Black

Kemimoto’s Classic Black Heated Vest Black Friday 2023

Whatever style you prefer, the Kemimoto classic electric heated vest for men fits you.

Slightly more affordable than our Heated Vest With Heated Hood, this item also keeps you warm and comfortable from wind and snow for up to 10 hours. Again, this vest includes a USB port, allowing you to charge your mobile phone on the go conveniently.

A standout feature of this Kemimoto heated vest is its rapid heat-up time and smart multi-zone control. The carbon fiber heating elements ensure you feel the warmth within just 3 seconds of turning it on. For ultimate comfort, the vest offers nine heating modes. With two control switches, three heating levels, and six heating zones, you can select the perfect temperature and adjust the heating zone as desired. By the way, the neck and back heating areas can even relieve cervical and lumbar pain, ensuring you stay comfortable even if you spend most of your time indoors during winter.

Even on the chilliest winter days, this vest can keep you warm, comfortable, and energized. 

6. Winter Warming Heating Vest, BATTERY NOT INCLUDED

Kemimoto’s Heating Vest Black Friday 2023

The Kemimoto V-neck heated vest is a chic addition, perfect for both fall and winter! The versatility of this vest shines through - you can layer it under a jacket during the freezing winter days or wear it over a sweater in the milder temperatures of autumn and spring.

Designed with 8 heating pads, this vest delivers heat throughout your upper body, focusing on critical areas like the abdomen, chest, and back. Whether you're challenging the cold outdoors or simply relaxing at home, the electric vest ensures your core body temperature remains optimal.

The vest has nine smart heating modes, granting you total control over your warmth. With two control switches and three heating levels, you can customize your temperature and adjust the heat distribution across the eight heating zones as per your needs.

Adding to its appeal, the inner fabric of this Kemimoto heated vest blends soft velvet with carbon fiber heating pads, providing up to 10 hours of consistent warmth while also granting unparalleled softness. Even without power bank heating, this vest can be worn as an excellent warming layer during winter.

7. Women's Cropped Heated Vest with Battery Pack Included

Kemimoto’s Women's Cropped Heated Vest Black Friday 2023

Stay snug and warm with our chic women's short heated vest! 

This versatile vest, made with four carbon fiber heating zones - one in the back, two in the abdomen, and one in the higher stand collar, protects you from wind, rain, or snow. These heating zones can also double up to offer a comforting hand-warming feature in cold weather.

With a 3-level temperature control system, this vest allows you to fine-tune your comfort. You can choose between high, medium, or low heat settings, depending on your needs. A battery life spanning from 2 to 8 hours ensures you'll stay warm indoors and outdoors. Similarly, thanks to the multi-control zone button, you can adjust the heat in each area separately.

Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or navigating frosty climates, this vest will be your reliable companion. Stay cozy like never before with our chic women's short heated vest. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to combine style, warmth, and a great price!

8. Heated Vest by Voice and APP Temp Control with Battery Pack

Kemimoto’s Heated Vest Controlled by Voice and APP Black Friday 2023

Enjoying indoor and outdoor activities has never been more comfortable with our luxurious men's heated wool vest with a high-stand collar vest providing superior warmth.

The vest features five heating zones that target critical body parts such as the back, abdomen, and shoulders, keeping you cozy even in frigid winter conditions. Additionally, a built-in heating pad in the pocket keeps your hands toasty.

Unique to this vest are its smart voice control and APP control features. You can easily switch between high, medium, or low-temperature modes and heating zones - all by using your voice or fingertips.

With a 12V 15000mAh battery, the vest heats up rapidly in just 3 seconds and maintains warmth for up to 10 hours. For your safety, the vest has NTC protection that prevents overheating. It also boosts a 10-minute idle auto-off function, which can automatically power down. This ensures you won't need to worry about potential burns, even if you forget to turn off the vest while tired from long terrain rides or extended outdoor work.

Designed with an inner pocket and two side zip pockets, this vest offers convenient storage for your keys, phones, and small items while remaining easily accessible during outdoor activities.

Put this smart and soft vest on, and you're ready for UTV/ATV trail riding, motorcycling, fishing, hiking, skiing, and more. This vest is also a fantastic gift, bringing your loved ones warmth this winter.

Keep Warm in a Smart Way Now!

Here are the top eight heated jackets and vests from Kemimoto that you can get for 20% off during the Black Friday sale. These affordable items are designed to keep you warm and safe for long hours, in a smart way. 

Whether you're riding your motorcycle/side-by-side/ATV, working outdoors, or just enjoying a cozy day at home, you'll be comfortable wearing our heated jackets and vests. 

Interested in more smart heated jackets and vests from Kemimoto? Check them out now!

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Get 20% off on Heated Jackets/Vests This Black Friday 2023