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What to Wear in 40-degree Weather?

Outfit for 40-degree  weather and people wearing the scarf, hats, and helmet for outdoors

Wondering what the best outfit choice is to wear in 40-degree weather?

Whether you’re going to work in the morning, heading out for a weekend hike, or taking the family on vacation and prepping for the cold, we want to help. In many places throughout the globe, it’s the winter season, and because of that, it seemed like a good time to share some tips and tricks for those of you who maybe aren’t used to dealing with cold weather. 

Note that the way 40 degrees feels can change quite drastically depending on the weather. For instance, a 40-degree day with wind and rain will feel very different from a 40-degree day with sun. In fact, a gorgeous, sunny, 40-degree day without wind chill might even leave you feeling a bit warm, especially if you’re used to living in icy or snowy weather during the winter months. 

Dressing up for 40-degree weather can be quite difficult, as you want to stay comfortable without feeling either too warm or freezing, which is why we recommend using layers to your advantage.

Dressing in Layers for 40 Degrees

Bottom Layer

When dressing in layers, the first question you’ll want to ask yourself is, 

What layer do I want closest to my skin?

For this, we recommend wearing tanks, long-sleeve shirts, or camisoles, as you can find them in all shapes, sizes, and styles to coordinate with the rest of your outfit for the day. 

  • Tank Tops

Though a tank top might not be your natural first choice when the weather gets below 40, it’s actually a great piece of clothing for when you want to layer up. Plus, you can find tanks in a variety of colors to suit your style. 

  • Long Sleeved T-Shirts

Not only do long-sleeved t-shirts offer plenty of comfort when it’s 40 degrees outside, but just like with tank tops, there are endless styles and colors available, so no matter your preferred look, you can pair them with just about anything. 

  • Camisoles

Camisole tops, sometimes referred to as “camis,” are great base layers. They come in a wide range of colors and are perfectly comfortable against the skin. 

Middle Layer

Next, you’ll want to find the ideal layer to place over your t-shirt, tank top, or camisole top.

  • Button-Down Shirts

Long-sleeve button-down shirts, such as flannels or corduroy collard shirts, are excellent for pairing with base layers. Not only do they look great, but they also allow for flexibility, whether it’s warm or cold, as you can button or unbutton them as needed. 

  • Sweaters

What better time of year to break out your sweaters than when temperatures start dipping below 40 degrees? 

On colder-feeling days, we recommend turtleneck sweaters or sweaters with relatively higher necklines, as they’ll help maintain warmth in your neck area. We also recommend sweaters that are made from either silk or wool, as they not only retain warmth really well but also have moisture-wicking properties to keep water from building up on the skin. 

Top Layer

Man Wearing Heated Motorcycle Jacket

Top layers are crucial on days when the sun isn’t shining, or the wind is picking up. Let’s take a look at some prime options when the cold starts feeling unbearable. 

  • Jackets or Coats

Though you might not need an incredibly thick coat or jacket in 40-degree weather, you’ll want to have a light coat or jacket on you at the very least. Insulating jackets are the best option for regular coats, as they’re lined with unique materials, such as faux fur, wool, or fleece, that retain heat and keep it close to the body. 

Heated jackets are great for those who require a bit of extra warmth while outside for hours, especially motorcycle riders, cyclists, hikers, skiers, and hunters. These unique, high-tech jackets feature smart temperature control systems, allowing you to move heat between different zones of the jacket at the touch of a button.

Kemimoto’s heated jackets are powered by 12v batteries, offering up to ten hours of cozy, energy-efficient heating. Plus, with lightweight, waterproof, and windproof designs, you can stay active and flexible in any kind of inclement weather. 

  • Vests 


Kemimoto’s heated vest for 40-degree weather


Many people often overlook the advantages of vests when layering up for colder temperatures. It might surprise you how well they even work at keeping your extremities warm. When your core temperature drops, your body reduces blood flow to your extremities while increasing blood flow throughout your core to keep your vital organs intact. 

In turn, when you keep your core warm with something like an insulated vest, your body can retain a consistent flow of blood to your extremities to keep you warm in cold weather. As an added benefit, you don’t have to deal with the same restricting feeling that you have to deal with when wearing an insulated jacket with bulky sleeves. 

Whether riding motorcycles, chopping wood or working in a warehouse, you have a complete range of motion. 

Kemimoto offers a range of heated vests for those who need a bit more protection during harsh winters, perfect for motorcyclists, farmers, or those who spend a lot of time outdoors. 

These vests feature multiple heating zones and battery-powered technology to provide immediate warmth from the second you slip them on. 


When temperatures drop into the 40s, it becomes the perfect time to rock accessories that may not work on warmer days. 

  • Gloves
Kemimoto’s heated motorcycle gloves for 40-degree weather

If it’s a cold, snowy, or rainy day with 40-degree temperatures, having a pair of gloves to keep your hands from getting cold is crucial. 

Some people prefer the casual, lightweight feeling of leather gloves, whether riding bikes or going out to a nice dinner. However, if you’re serious about keeping your hands warm in the coldest weather, heated motorcycle gloves offer excellent protection. 

Having cold hands while riding motorcycles can be incredibly dangerous, as cold muscles and numb fingers can lead to loss of control. With heated gloves, you get all the warmth of insulated gloves without the bulk. 

  • Socks


Kemimoto’s Heated Socks


A pair of quality socks can go a long way in keeping you warm throughout the winter, especially considering how cold our toes and feet can get before the rest of our bodies. 

Plus, warm socks can prevent you from getting blisters during your wintertime adventures by giving you the added bit of cushion your feet require. 

If you’re out and about in cold weather during the day, whether riding motorcycles, hunting, hiking, or skiing, it’s hard to beat a pair of heated socks. Our collection of heated socks offers remote-control technology to keep your feet as warm as you need them to be throughout the day, using either wireless remote controls or phone apps for nuanced adjustments. 

Final Thoughts

Though you might think that 40 degrees is a bit chilly for being outdoors, offroading, or adventuring out into the wilderness, having the right clothing and accessories can make the experience more pleasant and energizing. 

Check out our wide range of Kemimoto products to keep you and your family cozy this winter! 

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What to Wear in 40-degree Weather?