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What Is Kemimoto Referral Program

It is an exclusive benefit for Kemimoto Members! By simply being a member, you can "refer a friend" and share your unique referral purchase link within your team or friends. They'll receive a whopping 18% off without any minimum purchase requirement! What's more? Once they make a purchase, you will get the same discount! Remember, it costs you nothing and there's no limit to how much you can share under this 'refer a friend' scheme. Start enjoying this 'win-win' today with the Kemimoto Referral Program!

How It Works


How It Works

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Log in or register

Sign in or sign up for your Kemimoto member account

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Get your referral link

Go to the member panel and copy your referral link

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Share with your friend

Share the link with your friends for a 18% discount on their order

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Get the same discount

You will receive a 18% discount after your friends purchase


Kemimoto Referral Program