UTV Oil Funnel Fit Can Am X3 Defender or Other UTV


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SKU: B1201-04701BL

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AVOID BEING MESSY: With Kemimoto X3 Oil Funnel, the skid plate and floor won't be messy when draining or filling automotive oil, so you are free to clean the skid plate and floor, which saves a lot of time.
RESIST HIGH TEMPERATURE(392℉-572℉): After times of draining hot engine oil, kemimoto defender oil change funnel will still maintain satisfactory performance instead of getting deformed or melted. You can save money on changing the UTV oil funnel.
MADE OF NON-TOXIC SILICONE: Defender Silicone Oil Funnel is so flexible and foldable that it can be easily get access to different oil-changing holes of UTVs, motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, and general-purpose shop use.
FITS VARIOUS VEHICLES: Kemimoto Defender Oil Funnel is perfectly compatible with the Can-Am X3 Defender skid plate, and the size of the oil outlet between 2.3" and 5.1" length is also available. Please measure the outlet size before placing orders.
BE INSTALLED EASILY: Just stuff Kemimoto X3 Spill-Free Oil Funnel into the skid-plate hole where the drain plug is located, and then engine oil will flow down Maverick X3 Oil Funnel. No other tools are required. It's extremely convenient.